What challenges do solo preneurs face?

Grow your small business - Attention solo preneurs and small business owners!

Are you at the very beginning, are you in the process of founding or need a convincing realignment of your small company? Would you like support on the threshold of a new development step because services and the market have changed? Does it no longer feel right what you have communicated about yourself so far?

As a small business, how do you become a really strong brand?

The crisis is particularly challenging for small companies and the self-employed. Investing in a professional, but crucial, positioning and strategy process is unthinkable for many. We want to help!

As an agency for brand consulting, positioning and digital marketing, we specialize in medium-sized companies and NGOs. We would like to use the current situation to give a smaller company strategic support and work with you to find answers to the questions asked.

We're giving away a professional one Positioning workshop!

What can you expect in our one-day consulting workshop? We provide you with our consulting expertise for a whole day and, together with you, consider the six fields of action and positioning dimensions for successful brands:

  • Self-positioning - discovering meaning:
    This first dimension focuses on the meaningful identity of your organization and asks what opportunities for development are contained in it. What drives your company? What benefits do you want to generate for others with your drive? The more clearly the drive of your company can be communicated, the more energy is released, which is a crucial resource for your path to success. To do this, we shed light on the fields of identity and organization.

  • Performance positioning - generate value:
    The second dimension explores the future importance of your performance. This has a particular effect on the outside world. An organization should also produce unique services for people who ideally meet their expectations. What services make your contribution really valuable for your customers?

  • Brand positioning - increasing the impact of the brand:
    This third dimension is about the messages and images for an ideal perception of your performance claim, which can assert itself in the market in the long term. Because only what is perceived has the chance to become attractive.

Apply by August 31, 2020.

Apply by August 31, 2020 by email to David Ei├čler [email protected]chafter.de and answer the following questions:

  • What do we need to know about you? Provide information about your company, your offer and web presence.
  • What is currently the biggest challenge for your brand?
  • What insights do you hope to gain from the workshop?

We look forward to your application and are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Please note: Our offer is aimed at the self-employed, sole proprietorships or companies with fewer than 5 employees. We will announce to all applicants on September 3, 2020 which company we will choose.
The judges' decision is final.

Your contact person.

David Eissler
Brand and positioning expert
+49 221. 97 76 17-113
[email protected]