Why haven't humans evolved to get rid of sunburn?


Cooling sunburn - this is how it works

Taking a shower with a water temperature of around 25 degrees or staying in a cool room is beneficial for overheated skin. We also recommend moist envelopes with fresh sheets wrapped in cool water. If a sunburn itches and hurts on the face and lips, putting on a cool, damp tea towel will provide relief. Wearing a wet t-shirt helps with sunburns on your chest, back, shoulders, or upper arms.

What is important is the one affected To cool the skin area long enough. One to two hours are no problem for adults. However, caution is advised with babies and children, as their bodies become hypothermic more quickly.

Home remedies, medicinal plants and homeopathy for sunburn

Envelopes with quark or yogurt are considered a tried and tested skin remedy for sunburn. The fact that they can actually alleviate the symptoms is not due to the ingredients, but solely to theirs cooling effect. Lotions that contain medicinal plants such as aloe vera, poplar buds, calendula or chamomile can be useful because of their cooling, anti-inflammatory effects. However, some people are allergic to these substances. Homeopathic remedies such as belladonna or cantharis are also popular with sunburn. However, it is true that the globules and oral solutions actually relieve symptoms and speed healing scientifically not proven.

Danger: Quark, yoghurt or other cooling substances should only be used for first-degree sunburn, i.e. when the surface of the skin is still intact. In the case of severe burns, there is a risk of infection because the surface of the skin is injured and bacteria can easily penetrate.

Drugs for sunburn

Drugs from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as acetylsalicylic acid or ibuprofen help against the pain associated with sunburns. These drugs also have one anti-inflammatory effect and can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription. For babies and children with sunburn, make sure that the preparation is suitable for the respective age group. Light cortisone preparations are also available from pharmacies without a prescription as a spray, cream or lotion. Applied to the burned skin, they can relieve the burning sensation and itching. However, these medications may only be used for a short period of time in the event of sunburn without consulting a doctor.