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Leading market research company positions Cognizant in one of the top positions in global testing services

TEANECK, N.J., March 23 / PRNewswire /) - Cognizant,
a leading provider of IT, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, was named a leader in enterprise application testing services in an IDC MarketScape analysis of 13 global independent test companies.

"IDC sees Cognizant as one of the leading companies with great market dynamics that supports the integration of efficient processes and workflows into the practice of its global testing services," said the provider analysis of global testing services "IDC MarketScape: Global Testing Services, 2010 Vendor Analysis "by Rona Shuchat, Mukesh Dialani, and Melinda-Carol Ballou.

"Cognizant's testing services, as well as all of its application development and maintenance (ADM) customer service, has grown rapidly," the report said. "An essential element of the Cognizant concept is the adaptation to mature quality assurance requirements of its customers through systematic solution processes to reduce inefficiency and surplus. Instead, investments are to be diverted in favor of business priorities. To this end, Cognizant is working on building customer communities and best practices about them to share how internal customer problems can be solved. "

"Its testing practice is tailored to a variety of specialist industries - such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing / retail, telecommunications, and media and entertainment. This vertical alignment is in line with the company's broader vertical sales strategy. It enables both its domain expertise and its Domain coordinated test model, "said the report. "Because of its complex and focused solution content, Cognizant 2.0 process voting system, and go-to-market strategy, Cognizant ranks in the top tier of our IDC studies of enterprise application services for separate and embedded views."

"We are pleased to have been recognized as a leader in IDC MarketScape's comprehensive global study," said Sumithra Gomatam, senior vice president and global head of testing practice for Cognizant. "At a time when our customers are facing ever greater changes in business, industry and technology, we have set up our global testing team to support our customers in advocating software quality and thereby building more successful companies."

"Our experienced testers, our consulting expertise and robust test processes, methodologies, tools and systems help us to improve testing efficiency and precision, reduce costs, shorten cycle times and offer our customers first-class software quality," added Sumithra Gomatam added. "Thanks to our experience in testing at both a business and technical level, we have been able to set up administered test centers across the company and expand our service portfolios into related areas such as test environment management and cloud-based testing."

The report "IDC MarketScape: Global Testing Services, 2010 Vendor Analysis", by Rona Shuchat, Mukesh Dialani and Melinda-Carol Ballou, July 2010, IDC # 223954, Volume: 1, Application Outsourcing Services: Competitive Analysis ), is available from IDC at http://www.idc.com.

Information on IDC MarketScape

The IDC MarketScape Vendor Analysis Model is designed to provide an overview of the competitiveness of information technology and telecommunications providers in a given market. A strict scoring model is used for this, which is based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria. This results in a graph that shows the position of each supplier in a particular market. IDC MarketScape thus offers a clearly defined platform for comparing IT and telecommunications providers with regard to the range of products and services, possible applications and strategies, as well as with regard to the success factors in the market of today and tomorrow. In addition, customers receive a complete assessment with all strengths and weaknesses of the current and future providers.

Learn about the Cognizant testing process

Testing Practice is an independent division of Cognizant within the company that is based on the verification and validation of applications. With the establishment of this division in 2001, Cognizant was the first company to implement the concept of an independent testing process. Since then, the Cognizant Testing Practice has grown to include more than 12,000 professional testers who test code written by Cognizant and third parties, including customers and competitors. More than 75 percent of the codes tested by Cognizant are developed by customers or third parties. Cognizant's testing practice is broken down into various industries, such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and media and entertainment. This customization enables Cognizants to improve their domain competency and enables tests that are tailored to the domain. This is a crucial success factor for independent software tests.

Information about Cognizant

Cognizant (Nadaq: CTSH) is a leading provider of IT, consulting and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Cognizant's focused endeavor is to apply our global technology and innovation know-how, industry knowledge and global resources to work with customers to strengthen their businesses. With over 50 delivery centers worldwide and around 88,700 employees (as of June 30, 2010), we combine a unique global delivery model with a strong customer focus at the center. Cognizant is listed on the NASDAQ-100 and the S&P 500 and is a member of the Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 companies. It is also one of the leading IT companies on BusinessWeek's Hot Growth and Top 50 Performers lists. Visit us at http://www.cognizant.com.

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