Does acupuncture work on muscle nodes

Trigger point treatment

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points or myogeloses are nodular hardenings in the muscles that result from excessive or improper strain, postural disorders, tension or other underlying diseases (e.g. a herniated disc). They can appear in any muscle in the body, but are particularly common in the neck, shoulder, and buttocks.
Trigger points can trigger (“trigger”) radiating pain, which often looks like nerve pain. For example, trigger points in the trapezius muscle on the neck can trigger headaches and pain behind the eye, trigger points in the middle gluteal muscle "sciatica" -like pain that radiates into the leg.
If you look at a trigger point under the microscope, you can see strongly contracted muscle fibers, whose blood flow is throttled. This can cause metabolic toxins and inflammatory substances to accumulate, causing pain. The pressure on a trigger point is very painful.

What is the meaning of trigger points?

Trigger points are very common in acute and chronic pain. The classic neck pain is mostly caused by trigger points. Symptoms after a herniated disc can also be entertained by trigger points.
Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not particularly widespread in orthopedics, where morphological changes (e.g. on the bone or the intervertebral disc) are sought. In contrast to these signs of wear and tear, which are usually not treatable, trigger points can be tackled well. As a result, significant relief or freedom from pain can often be achieved quickly (at least in the case of acute pain).