Why does Deathstroke fight dirty

In the cinema, the so-called suicide command will finally be able to take off soon. In the world of comics, they have been around for a long time. Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Co. are getting new comrades there and that is of course not without consequences.

Out of control

You always have to answer when things get particularly dirty. The most dangerous villains and criminals in the DC Universe have to complete top secret missions under the direction of Amanda Waller and receive prison sentences for this. These missions tend to end with lots of death and destruction, but in the eyes of the world it looks like it always does. Super villains who break things or destroy them. All on behalf of the government.

Now, however, with the self-proclaimed daughter of the Joker or Deathstroke, new villains appear in the game and thus cause a lot of chaos. Even the first mission ends in disaster. As if that wasn't bad enough, it soon turns out that there is a traitor in their ranks.

Chaos, chaos and more chaos

Before the cinema tickets can be bought in a few weeks, we get the next chapter of the Suicide Squad and can experience one or the other change. Deadshot has to withdraw first. With the daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn, two crazy madmen meet. But also the head of the secret project Amanda Waller has to fight with a new colleague for power and control. So there is plenty of entertainment.


A thoroughly successful start. The action is right and the characters are all designed to be very entertaining. A look is definitely worth it.

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