Why did schools come into being?

Where was the school invented?

In the city Uruk - this is a very old city in Mesopotamia - word lists have been found which point to the existence of schools as early as the 4th millennium BC. Point out. School texts from the 3rd millennium BC Were discovered.

By the way, the word school comes from the Greek and means nothing else than "Leisure" or "Do nothing". For the children of earlier times it was sometimes a relief to be allowed to go to school.

But one cannot say that the children in Mesopotamia did nothing. They had to toil and work and the teachers - they were also called "father" - were pretty strict.

There were already school desks in Mesopotamia

In ancient Mesopotamia they were called schools "Panel houses". There were even school desks. How do we know? Archaeologists have found such ancient schools where the Sumerian children studied. But not all children. Research suggests that schools were expensive and that only the rich could afford lessons for their children. And the girls were excluded. Namely, lists of names of students have been discovered and the names were all male. Therefore we assume that the girls did not go to school. Most of the students were the sons of officials and administrators and other high-ranking personalities.