What kind of woman would you date

How do I ask her out on a date React perfectly in every situation

Her name was Franziska.

She was my secret crush for 2 years.

Ever since I saw her for the first time, I asked myself:

"How do I ask her out on a date?"

Unfortunately, I have to honestly admit: At the time, I didn't dare to ask her out on a date.

And, unfortunately, I have to be honest: Today I know that I had countless opportunities to ask her out on a date. I'll explain which ones they were in a moment.

Now all that remains to say is:

Back then …

... at the time I hit every single one of these situations properly against the wall.

... back then I proved to have screwed up the relationship of my life.

... at that time another man had gathered his courage to ask her out on a date.

To my desperation, the two became a couple.

Man! That hurt me deeply. Especially because I've had to see them every day since then. Their mutual turtling. Your holding hands in the hallway. And then this kissing. You broke my heart

But I also swore to myself one thing:

Never again will I miss a chance to ask a woman out if I like her.

Never again!

And I kept my oath. This article is the result of years of dating experience.

I've figured out what REALLY matters when asking for a date:

In this article, I'll show you what really matters. I give you:

  1. a perfected 3-step strategy with concrete formulations that really always works ...
  2. an adaptation of this strategy to your personal situation ...
  3. my experience reports with this strategy and the mistakes you can make with it (see video) ...
  4. ... and I make you a promise. A promise that the uncertainty is over and that you have a real good chance of having the date of your life. Promised!

So that I can keep this promise, you must not make the typical mistakes that immediately catapult you into the friend zone:

Lively dates that lead to passionate nights and relationships are neither difficult nor complicated. It's more a question of technology. Internalize these 7 natural dating rules and your life will be filled with exciting women, hot sex and tingling romance again.

Table of contents of the article

4 times you can ask her out on a date

Hey man! How you ask a woman out on a date naturally depends a lot on the situation you find yourself in.

Below are four different situations and the perfect course of action for each of them to get her on a date. Because in each of these situations, you should ask her out on a date in different ways. You will have to adapt the 3-step strategy accordingly, which I will give you in a moment.

The important thing is: Wrong wording can make mistakes very quickly. Mistakes to which every woman responds with a negative “no”. In this video, I explain what these are and what you should consider in addition to the 3-step strategy:

How do I ask her out on a date? - In 3 steps to the perfect date | Strengthen masculinity
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Situation # 2: This is how you quietly ask her about a meeting

There are 2 reasons why you might want to quietly ask a woman out for a date or a date:

Reason # 1: You know this woman from work, university or a mutual group of friends and should therefore be inconspicuous.

Or reason # 2: You are shy and prefer to play it safe.

For most of the men that this situation applies to, it's a combination of Reason # 1 and Reason # 2. And from my experience as a coach AND from the experience of easily over 300 dates, I have to tell you a few important truths:

Truth # 1: Inconspicuous questions (almost) always fail!

If you're shy and want to quietly ask a woman to meet up because of it, it usually won't work

Either you are so inconspicuous when asking that she doesn't even notice what you want from her. Or she notices that you are inconspicuously asking her and thinks: “Oh man! The guy doesn't even have the balls to ask me out on a date right away. "

In my case with Franziska at the time, she didn't even notice that I wanted to go on a date with her. I kept making hidden hints and inconspicuously looking for ways to see her again.

Today I know that all of her unconscious signals indicated that she found me quite attractive. And that's why I know today that if I had only taken my courage and asked her that ...

... yes that it could have turned out to be something.

But well. As the saying goes: would have, would have, bicycle chain.

In some situations, however, it is absolutely essential that you ask them inconspicuously.

Truth # 2: Inconspicuous asking can work if ...

... yes if it is really really REALLY appropriate.

If you know the woman for professional reasons and you don't want to endanger your (and her) job with your interest in a date.

When the woman's ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend is in a group of friends and you don't want to spread a bad mood.

Or when you meet the woman in other really difficult situations (a funeral, for example).

... yes, then it is worthwhile to ask for a date without being noticed.


But even if it might be appropriate not to ask her directly for a date here, truth # 1 still applies: "Inconspicuous questions (almost) always fail!"

Truth # 3: This is the best way to quietly ask her out on a date

Women are generally more socially fitter than us men. This also makes it easier for them to know if you are inconspicuously asking them about a meeting. So pay attention to their signals when doing this.

Step 1)Keep the conversation private. Talk about hobbies, future travel plans, or vacations. When the woman agrees and talks about hobbies, future travel plans, or the vacation herself, move on to stage # 2. If the woman doesn't respond or keeps turning the conversation on business issues, she's not interested in a date. So: let it be!

Level 2) Casually drop sentences like, “Oh, you like to play tennis too? Then we could let it come down to a match. " If she responds positively to this, move on to Stage # 3. If she reacts negatively or not at all: stop it!

Level 3) Ask them directly about a meeting. (See the 3 step method from below.)

These 3 steps only work (and really only!) If the situation really doesn’t allow you to ask them about a date right away. If you use this method out of inner uncertainty, the woman will notice immediately. With such a nice guy demeanor, you will most likely end up in the friend zone.

If you just lack the self-confidence to ask a woman directly for a date, sign up for our free e-mail training. Here you will get all the skills you need to have really good dates even as an insecure man. I will also show you how to become a master at being able to address any woman. You will soon have more dates than can fit in your schedule. Promised.

Situation # 3: Asking a woman for a date via Whatsapp

Maybe you got her phone number at a party. Maybe you were both a little drunk, too. And now you're thinking, "How do I ask her out on a date?" It's okay if you feel a little insecure about that.

You have to do this now: just ask her out on a date!

(If you have had her number for a long time, situation # 1 applies)

But if you've only just got her number, make this clear to yourself: the worst thing you can do in this situation is to write back and forth with her forever. "Hey, how are you, how did you like the party, what are you doing ..." The woman quickly loses interest.

The best thing you can do is ask her out on a date right away. That’s really all.




Many people think they have to make a science out of how to write the best Whatsapp messages and put them together in such a way that the woman definitely says "yes" to a date.

But that's nonsense.

She decided whether she would like to go on a date with you when she gave you her phone number.

If she changed her mind, it was only because you engaged her in an irrelevant conversation on Whatsapp or because she was actually too drunk that evening. Then even the best news can't help you when you ask her out on a date.

If you have her phone number, just ask her out on a date.

That's working. Really. And everything else is bullshit.

Situation # 4: Asking for a date while dating online

The biggest mistake with online dating is that you get them involved in long texts. That you write about your hobbies, discuss environmental protection, or whatever.

So when you are online dating, do the same as if you got her phone number.

Hey When the three of you have exchanged messages with each other, she has shown that she is interested in you. So ask her out on a date!

It's okay to ask about it after you've briefly introduced yourself. Because she has already seen your profile. She got an impression of you.

Just write to her: “Hey, I think you can only really get to know each other if you can look each other in the eye. Let's try a new restaurant on Thursday at 6 p.m. that opened around the corner from me. Are you in?"

It may be that she doesn't go into it. It may be that she first answers "No".

But as long as she keeps chatting with you, she's basically interested in a date. And then you just ask her again later.

If she hesitates again or doesn't feel like it, then it's best to leave it with her. Because online dating also includes women who just want to make new pen pals but never really meet the men.

If you need more techniques, strategies, and tips on online dating, check out these videos: Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about online dating:

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The perfect way to ask her out on a date (3-step strategy)

You now know what's important before you ask a woman out on a date. And I've given you tips for different situations on how best to ask her out on a date.

If you have watched the video above, you will be aware of the typical sources of error that almost all men make.

Now you are prepared for this very simple and very ingenious step-by-step technique that works incredibly well.

Step # 1: the perfect date idea

On a date, you shouldn't feel stressed in addition to your excitement.

I generally don't go dancing with women on the first date. Why? For me, dancing is a book with 7 seals. I can not do it. And the stupidest thing would be to put myself in situations in which I feel uncomfortable if I'm already excited about the date.

No, when I ask a woman out on a date I suggest: "Hey, let's go for a walk!", "Hey, let's have something delicious at my favorite Italian restaurant!", "Hey, let's go canoeing", "Hey , let's go ice skating! "or" Hey, let's go climbing! "

Note: Don't make the mistake of trying to figure out what the woman would like. Think about where you feel comfortable and how you can show the woman your world with it.

If you orient yourself to what YOU would like to do, this has 4 advantages:

  • Advantage # 1: The woman experiences something new and interesting.
  • Benefit # 2: You are more relaxed in the situation because you know it.
  • Benefit # 3: You can show the woman something from your life.
  • Benefit # 4: You take leadership and women love that.

Of course, you can also think about what the woman would like. This works very well, especially if that is something that you also like anyway. But if you focus your date idea on the woman you have these disadvantages:

  • Disadvantage # 1: The woman knows the situation and takes the lead. (You usually don't want that on a date!)
  • Disadvantage # 2: You don't know the situation and you may also feel uncomfortable.
  • Disadvantage # 3: You're trying to please the woman instead of showing yourself who you really are. (Property of a nice guy)
  • Disadvantage # 4: It is very likely that the woman has a date idea that makes it impossible to meet, kiss or have sex on the first date.

My experience! If you focus too much on the woman with your date idea, you have one foot in the friend zone. So don't do that!

: Think about something to you Is funny. If you can still experience some action ... perfect! Going to the cinema or playing computers are therefore not options.