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Let's not kid ourselves, films from Bollywood are a matter of taste and those who have little or no interest in Indian films will not have much fun with the superhero flick "Krrish 3" either. If you like Bollywood, on the other hand, you should read on. All others: Just click on, there is nothing to see here!

With “Krrish 3”, Rakesh Roshan delivered another blockbuster that took Indian cinemas by storm and continues the story of Rohit (“Star Child - Koi Mil Gaya”, 2003) and Krishna (“Krrish, the Star Hero”, 2006). If you look closely at the staff and cast, you will see that "Krrish 3" is again a family production. Roshan's production company Filmkraft is very successful, but the real crowd puller is his son Hrithik Roshan ("In good as in bad days", "Dhoom - Back in Action"), who has a double role in the film and plays Rohit and his son Krishna . By the way, in “Krrish 3” it is not noticeable that the actor has two thumbs on his right hand. This "flaw" is by no means completely removed from the film, but the attention is skillfully distracted without denying anything here.

It is particularly exciting that Rakesh Roshan closes a story arc with “Krrish 3” that began ten years ago with “Star Child - Koi Mil Gaya”. In this prelude, Rakesh Roshan adapted the Steven Spielberg classic “E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial “(1982; originally thought of by Spielberg as an alien horror, but then changed at short notice). The main character in the film was the mentally handicapped Rohit, who was given superhuman powers by the extraterrestrial being Jadoo.

The sequel "Krrish, the star hero" is about Rohit's son Krishna growing up as an orphan with his grandmother. Like his father, he has an exceptionally high IQ and additional superpowers. It quickly becomes apparent that the Superman and Spider-Man films were the inspiration here. However, it should not be forgotten that India itself also has a comic industry and has its own comic universes * to offer. But back to the film.

The finale of "Krissh" now leads the viewer to the third part, in which everything actually runs smoothly. Krishna and Priya (played again by the lovely Priyanka Chopra) form a small and happy family with Rohit. Professionally everything is going well, even if a dangerous virus is currently spreading in Africa. Fortunately, there is a cure. And if there are problems at home, then the Indian superhero Krrish is there. However, this ensures that Krishna regularly loses his jobs, because his secret superhero identity does not go well with a normal job. But Krishna takes it easy, because people love Krrish and revere him as a great role model. That is wage enough for the humble Krishna.

However, problems suddenly arise because the virus was not a coincidental product, but was artificially produced by the paraplegic super villain Kaal (Vivek Oberoi). And he's pretty angry that his super virus isn't having a resounding success in India. He now puts his band of Manimals (half human, half animal) on the cause, under the leadership of the beautiful Kaya, played by Kangna Ranaut. And suddenly Krrish is faced with his most dangerous, deadliest enemies. The fight begins and it's a lot worse and more dramatic than it seems ...

The story sounds a bit banal and it is obvious that director Rakesh Roshan has used the current superhero films, especially the X-Men series. But of course your own ideas are also incorporated into the plot. Not to mention the cultural influences and Indian ingenuity when it comes to unexpected twists and turns and making everything appear in a new light. And, as is usual with Bollywood, there are also the dramatic, family entanglements. That takes the viewer with it and lets you quickly grab a handkerchief. Damn it, this Rakesh Roshan just knows how to stage.

The film trilogy itself has seen many twists and turns, but "Krrish 3" is a lot surprising in itself. Admittedly, the Indian film cannot keep up with the trick technique of "Marvel’s The Avengers" (2012), but the special effects are great to look at and quite impressive. Above all, the fight through the rows of skyscrapers is more fun and entertaining than the lengthy and boring fight in “Man of Steel” (2013).

Of course, the usual singing and dancing interludes should not be missing. It also appears in "Krrish 3" and is more than suitable for sketching the characters in a few moments and expressing their joie de vivre. This is incredibly sweeping and the deeper the emotional crash, when after this high of joy everything suddenly seems threatened and it is approaching a bitter end. It really goes deep and touches the heart, even if it takes some getting used to for Western eyes and ears.

In general, ears, the soundtrack is just wonderful, but reminds us a lot of Hans Zimmer. Sometimes you are even tempted to look out for a pirate ship (“Fluch der Karibik”, 2003), but the whole thing remains independent enough and offers a lot of new things. In any case, the sound and score make a difference, as do the strong images - be it in the weak or strong moments.

Of course, all of this only works because the actors are performing well. Hrithik Roshan knows how to convince in his double role and always takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of emotions. In cooperation with Priyanka Chopra (former Miss World, released the single "In My City" ** in cooperation with in 2012) it is great fun and evokes a homely family feeling. In the end, the enchanting Chopra is the dormant but threatened pole of the film. It is more action-heavy here for Kangna Ranaut, who with her character Kaya shows a blend of the well-known Marvel comic figure Mystique. And that looks damn good. It is very exciting to see how the roles merge here as well. Well done and emotionally stirring.

The evil opponent is very well cast with Vivek Oberoi as Kaal, who in turn presents a mixture of Professor Xavier and Magneto (both Marvel comic characters). But in a very eerie way that sends a chill down your spine. By the way, if you take a closer look at the end of the film, you will notice that Kaal's costume design has changed slightly. What you don't see, however, is that around six hundred Krrish masks were used. No wonder, since they only consisted of wax and simply melted away on a regular basis.

With “Krrish 3”, too, Rakesh Roshan has made another very entertaining and successful film. Perhaps it is actually because the superstitious director originally wrote all of his films with a "K" at the beginning. Or, more likely, the streak is just good.

A cinema debut can hardly be expected in this country. On request, ALIVE is currently not planning a release on DVD or Blu-Ray, but the film is still fresh. And maybe the chances of a DVD release are good after all. After all, the two predecessors also made it.

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* Here is an example of Indian comics. The deep link leads directly to the free English-language comics that are made available by the provider.

** "In My City" with Priyanka Chopra [2012] - Exclusive behind the scenes footage of the making of "In My City" by Priyanka Chopra ft. from Universal India on

Krrish 3

Production country: India, 2013
Original language: Hindi
Length: 152 minutes

Directed by Rakesh Roshan
Script: Rakesh Roshan
Production: Rakesh Roshan
Music: Rajesh Roshan, Salim-Sulaiman

Performers: Rohit Mehra / Krishna "Krrish" Mehra (Hrithik Roshan), Priya (Priyanka Chopra), Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), Kaya (Kangna Ranaut)

Image source: Filmkraft Press Kit