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UFC - Aleksandar Rakic ​​exclusive: "The MMA fans are a little ungrateful"

Austria's number one, Aleksandar Rakic, is eagerly waiting for a title fight in the light heavyweight division. The current number three in the world speaks opposite DAZN and SPOX about a lack of appreciation and an alleged sparring session against Jiri Prochazka.

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He also explains when he wants to get back into the octagon.

UFC - Aleksandar Rakic ​​on ...

.... the victory of Jiri Prochazka against Dominick Reyes: Of course I saw the fight live. Prochazka's victory is the best that could have happened. I got a real boost in motivation and have been totally on fire ever since. I want to show the world who the right number one is.

... his latest trash talk: Now is the best time for this fight. I don't know how many light heavyweights would fight him. My team and I have already studied it and found several weaknesses. If we take advantage of that, we'll have victory in our pockets.

... the hype about Prochazka and his lack of appreciation: The UFC is entertainment. Entertainment is number one, and the sporting aspects come at some point later. Of course it sucks. Jiri did a good job, I think he should have the hype. I'll give him that. But I'm also the one who will stop the hype.

UFC - Rakic: Rankings? "This is the policy of the UFC"

... the problems of a hype: I am not a friend of it. The more hype you have, the greater the expectations. People expect you to do great things. They expect you to be Superman, or Batman, or even know how to fly. But people don't see what's going on behind the scenes. Why should I force a knockout and be knocked out myself?

... monetary advantages with a better ranking: This is just an overview of the UFC. They only do what they want anyway. I often don't see the logic behind it. Jiri was number five and has defeated number three, now he has overtaken me and is number two. That's the UFC's policy.

... an alleged sparring session between him and Prochazka: That's not true at all. I've never seen the Jiri Prochazka in my life! I heard that Patrik Kincl (a Czech MMA fighter, editor's note. Red.) the rumor is said to have started. I trained with him. I don't know what he's doing there. One of my training colleagues once trained Jiri, so I have a few insights. Have Kincl shut up or I'll tell you a few things about him.

... the criticism of his fighting style: After knocking out Jimi Manuwa, I was totally hyped. I tried the blows from back then against Santos, but he just blocked everything. It doesn't always work spectacularly. My God, a victory is a victory. The people who complain have no idea. Today they hate you, tomorrow they love you. The MMA fans are a little ungrateful. The true connoisseurs, however, know what is important.

UFC - Rakic: "For me only the fight against Prochazka or for the title makes sense"

... a desired date for the fight against Prochazka: It would be best if we were to fight at UFC 266. Jan Blachowicz fights on September 4th (Light heavyweight champion, editor's note) against Glover Teixeira, that would fit perfectly. If the UFC doesn't want that, then stop later. The Blachowicz winner against Teixeira won't fight again this year, so we have some breathing space.

... a possible rematch with Anthony Smith: For me the fight against Prochazka or for the title only makes sense. I dominated Smith, he has other options.

UFC: The light heavyweight ranking

championJan Blachowicz
1Glover Teixeira
2Jiri Prochazka
3Aleksandar Rakic
4Thiago Santos
5Dominick Reyes