What does the name Aria mean

Hebrew first names These names combine sound and meaning!

First nameOrigin / meaningKnown portersAdinAdin is a name with a beautiful meaning. The name is derived from the Hebrew word "adah" and means something like "the adorned one".Adin Brown, soccer playerAdrielDespite its beautiful sound, the name is quite unknown. Adriel means in translation "God's majesty".A well-known name bearer is not known to us yet, but maybe your son will live up to this name!AmonAmon is a name that also appears in the Bible. Translated from the Hebrew, it can be understood as "loyal and reliable" - virtues that everyone wants for their children!Amon Tobin, musicianArikArik can be traced back to the meaning "lion of God" and is a short form of aria. The lion is also a symbol of rule and power.Arik Brauer, artistAvielThe name Aviel with its heavenly meaning "God is my Father" conveys the bond with God and his protection.Aviel Cahn, artistic director and singerCassielCassiel is the name of an angel from the Bible - a fitting name for your little angel! In addition, the name stands for protection - and your little one can certainly use that!Nobody is known to us by this heavenly - beautiful name. What is not now can still be!Chaim, also possible as ChayimChaim stands for nothing less than life itself - a wonderful name for a lively fellow!Chaim Kiewe, painterDavidDavid is derived from the Hebrew Dawidh and means something like God's favorite.David Nathan, voice actorVerveThe name Elan translates as "the tree", which stands for vitality and growth.Elan Journo, writerEleazarEleazar stands for God's help and you certainly want that for your child too!Eleazar Gómez, actorEliamThe name Eliam stands for a close connection to God, because it means "belonging to God's family".We are not yet aware of any namesake. Maybe your son will be the first!ElielEliel is a modification of the Hebrew name Elijah and stands for a commitment to God.Eliel Lazo, musicianEliorElior is also a name that is closely related to God and means something like "God is my light".Despite the particularly beautiful sound of the name, no one is known to us yet.GabriyelGabriyel is one of the archangels who appears in the Bible to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus.Gabriel Raab, actorIlanIlan is the Hebrew word for tree. The tree symbolizes vitality and growth.Ilan Rubin, musicianJairJair is the name of a judge in the Bible and means something like "enlightened" - a quality that you will definitely want to give your little son on his way.Jair Oliviera, actor and musicianJoelFor one thing, Joel is a biblical prophet. The meaning of the name refers to the uniqueness of God and is a commitment to God.Joel "Joey" Heindle, DSDS candidate and jungle camp participantJosiah"Healed by God" - This beautiful meaning is hidden behind this melodic name. A fabulous meaning, because: After all, we all want our offspring to be healthy!Josia Thugwane, Olympic athlete in cross-country skiingLehiLehi is an extremely rare name that means cheek or jawbone in translation. A distinctive jaw is definitely a sign of masculinity and attractiveness.Since this name is so rare, we are not yet aware of any bearer of this extraordinary name.Levi"Faithful and devoted" are the virtues associated with the name Levi. We all want our child to become a loyal friend. You also?Levi Strauss, founder of the Levi's jeans brandLiorLior - the name with the beautiful sound translates as "my light" and is at the forefront of the most beautiful meanings of baby names.Lior Shamriz, director and screenwriterLironLiron stands for joy and freedom - things that you will definitely want to give to your offspring along the way.Liron Diamant, soccer player