How far should your gym be

First time in the gym? Get started with these tips!

1. Be an example to others

Even if you haven't been around long: behave as you would like other people to do. Unfortunately, there will always be people who don't behave well. Set a good example and you will quickly notice that you will be perceived positively by the other members - even if you are just starting out in the gym.

2. Always have a towel with you

We cannot stress enough how important this rule is. It is probably already part of the house rules of most fitness studios, but we would like to go into it again in our little "gym etiquette": Take towels with you. And above all one that you carry with you during your training. Use it as a pad when using a device so that you don't sweat the surface unnecessarily.

Note: As much as we recommend the towel as a constant companion, we are still in the gym and not on vacation in the mall. So it is not intended to reserve devices and then actually use them half an hour later.

3. Focus on your training success

Use your time in the gym to focus on your training goals. Therefore, avoid unnecessarily distracting yourself. Only take your smartphone with you to the training area when you E.g. you need to listen to music or to check your training plan via the app. You can also play and talk on the phone after your workout. So you don't disturb other people around you.

4. Only exercise when you are healthy

If you go to the gym with the flu or a cold, for example, it's not good for 2 simple reasons:

  1. You leave germs on all the devices you use. This means that other members can get infected with you.
  2. If you work out when you are sick, it can lead to far worse secondary illnesses - even if you only have a harmless cold.

Therefore, treat yourself to sufficient rest in the event of illness. As soon as you are fit again, you will also start all over again in the gym.

5. Leave your training ground tidy

So that the studio does not sink into chaos or become unnecessarily dirty, always leave your space tidy after your training. So don't leave any weight plates, balls, or other items lying around and put them back where you got them from. Finally, wipe the devices with your towel again and use the disinfectant provided. And keep things tidy in the changing room too - so don't turn the showers into a second pool area!