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Program Go

Introduction to the Go programming language

The Go makers describe their language as "expressive, precise, clean and efficient. Their concurrency mechanisms make it easy to write programs that get the most out of networked multicore computers, while their new typing allows flexible and modular programming constructs. Go compiles on the one hand quick to machine code, on the other hand it brings with it memory management and introspection at runtime. It is a fast, statically typed language that feels like a dynamic typed interpreter language. "

Go was developed by veterans of the industry, including Rob Pike (responsible for the Plan 9 operating system from Bell Labs, co-developer of UTF-8 and known for the books "The Unix Toolbox" and "Programming with Unix"), and UNIX creator Ken Thompson (also responsible for Plan9, UTF-8 and the programming language B (predecessor of C)) at Google. Go is now becoming a popular programming language. The growing list of projects that use Go successfully includes Docker and CoreOS / etcd.

This training begins with a quick introduction to the basic Go syntax. In order to then move quickly to the topics that interest developers of other languages ​​in Go. At the end of the training you will have an overview of the language and your ecosystem. You will be able to assess where the use of Go is worthwhile for you. And are ready for the first projects.


3 days, € 1,100.00 + 19% VAT = € 1,309.00

A full 8 hours per day, complete basic equipment of original literature, free internet access everywhere, rental notebook, full board, drinks (special types of wine are billed separately), pastries, home-baked cakes, sauna, supporting program.

Additional or reduced services on request:

Surcharge for overnight stay in a twin room (large, comfortable room)€ 59.00 + 7% VAT = € 63.13per night
Surcharge for overnight stay in the Linuxhotel flat share€ 83.00 + 7% VAT = € 88.81per night
Surcharge for single room (subject to availability, please book in good time)€ 129.00 + 7% VAT = € 138.03per night
Discount if you do not take full board-29.41 € + 19% VAT = -35.00 €per day
Price reduction if you do not take part in the supporting program-8.40 € + 19% VAT = -10.00 €per evening

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Online training courses are also possible on request.

Participation requirements

The course provides an introduction to the Go programming language. This course is aimed at Python, Ruby, Perl or JavaScript developers as well as developers from the Java and C ++ environment.

We recommend that absolute newcomers to programming should first attend the Learning to program course. You should be able to use a text editor and be familiar with the use of the command line under GNU / Linux.

We recommend that you create a Bitbucket or GitHub account before the start of the course.

If you are unsure about this, we will be happy to advise you by email or phone * (you can reach Mr. Martin Gerwinski or Ms. Laura Trinowitz on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on + 49-201 8536-600).

Course content

  • Introduction: What is Go? And how is it installed.
  • Basics: Explore the Go Programming Language Specification. Write your first programs.
  • The Go Type System / Interfaces: Discover a different perspective on object orientation.
  • Error handling with a difference: a life without exceptions.
  • Modules: How to group your code into logical units.
  • Concurrency: With concurrency as an architecture for scaling applications.
  • The standard library: Batteries included!
  • The eco system: go vet, go lint, the race detector, guru, debugging, etc ...
  • Unit tests with Go


  • If you want, you can arrive by 10 p.m. the day before and use the evening to talk shop by the fireplace or in the park.
  • On the course days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (with 2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch break) around 60% training and 40% exercises. Of course, every participant often works with the speaker on the notebook provided by us.
  • Afterwards dinner and offers for shop talk, excursions and much more. We create an atmosphere in which experts can exchange information freely. If you don't want that, you won't be forced to do anything and you will always find peace.