Why did the Illuminati allegedly kill JFK

Kennedy assassination attempt

The assassination of the US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy November 22, 1963 in Dallas came as a terrible shock to many Americans. But back when the Cold War was still in full swing, the US media believed the words of the new president, Lyndon B. Johnson, and those of FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, that President Kennedy was talking about a loner named Lee Harvey Oswald had been murdered.

Strangely enough, no one suspected anything when Oswald, a young social outsider and ex-Navy ex-member who despised the world, fell victim to nightclub owner Jack Ruby on the morning of November 24th.

In the mid-1960s, the discrepancy between the Warren Commission's findings for this murder and the 26 evidence published in 1964 (link showing the Warren Commission's "original" autopsy report) was gradually noticed. But it was not until independent investigations - initiated in 1967 by Jim Garrison, a lonely district attorney in New Orleans where Oswald had lived for a few months in the summer of 1963 - that a whole series of conspiracy theories emerged. Today nine out of ten people believe that the truth of the Kennedy murder has been covered up.

So there are many rumors surrounding the death of US President John F. Kennedy. Many questions arise, for example which motive was actually present and how JFK could be hit from four different directions within 8 seconds.

Following a lawsuit between E. Howard Hunt and Victor, the jury spokeswoman said: Mr. Lane (defense attorney) asked us to do something very difficult. He made us believe that John F. Kennedy was murdered by our own government. However, after reviewing the evidence, we had no choice but to conclude that President Kennedy was indeed murdered by the CIA.

Course of the assassination [edit | Edit source]

On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy came to Dallas for a previously announced visit to deliver a campaign speech. The route the President wanted to take was known in advance, which is why many spectators positioned themselves on the street.

Kennedy, who loved the bathroom in public, decided, against the concerns of the security service, to leave the roof of the car open. It is believed that he also ordered his bodyguards not to ride on the step of the dark blue custom-made 1961 Lincoln Continental X-100.

In the car sat next to Kennedy (back right) his wife Jacqueline Bouvier-Kennedy (back left), the governor of Texas John Connally (middle left), his wife Nellie Connally (middle right), Roy Kellerman (front right) and the driver William Greer (front left); the latter two were Secret Service agents.

At around 12:30 pm the car drove onto Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, where the filmmaker Abraham Zapruder had positioned himself. Several shots were fired at the president shortly afterwards.

According to the lone perpetrator theory, Lee Harvey Oswald fired 3 shots with the Mannlicher-Carcano C2766. Oswald is said to have fired from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD), where he was previously employed. The 1st shot missed its target and hit a tree, the second shot went through Kennedy's neck and hit John Connally. The third bullet struck Kennedy's skull, splintering and breaking through the windshield, wounding James Tague, who was standing near the underpass between Main and Commerce Streets.

Only the Secret Service agent Clint Hill reacts correctly, he jumps from the car behind Kennedy and tries to catch up with the Lincoln Continental, but it is already too late when he gets on the back of the car. "Jacky" Kennedy also climbs on the back of the car, in which some theorists recognize a panic escape reaction to a shot from the front, according to other statements she wanted to collect pieces of Kennedy's head. Clint Hill seems to be instructing her to retreat back to her seat.

Oswald's arrest Edit source]

Shortly after the murder of policeman J. D. Tippit, Oswald was seen by Johnny Brewer, owner of a shoe store, walking into the Texas Theater without buying a ticket. Brewer then informed the cashier of the cinema, who informed the police at 1:50 p.m. This arrested Oswald and found a resemblance between Tippits and Kennedy's murderers.

Oswald was interrogated in Dallas for several hours without any records being made. Oswald denied that he was the perpetrator.

On November 24, 1963, Oswald was to be transferred to federal prison; Surrounded by countless police officers and journalists, Oswald is shot dead by the nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

State investigations Edit source]

To this day, the Kennedy case in the United States stirs minds and has repeatedly prompted government investigations. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that there was never a trial against Oswald, as he was previously shot by Jack Ruby. From a purely legal point of view, Lee H. Oswald is therefore still considered innocent today.

Warren Commission (1963/64) [edit | Edit source]

The President's Commission on the Assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy was the first to investigate the case. It consisted of 7 members: Earl Warren (chairman), Richard B. Russel, John S. Cooper, Hale Boogs, Gerald R. Ford, Allen W. Dulles (former CIA director) and John McCloy.

The result of the commission is criticized by many today, in fact it says in a note to its report:

"In the course of the investigation, it was necessary to clarify facts and rumors, also to fall back on hearsay and other information that would not have been admissible in a court hearing ..."

According to the Warren Commission, the shots that killed John F. Kennedy and injured Connally were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor of the school book warehouse. 45 minutes later, Oswald J.D. Shot Tippit. The commission found no evidence of a conspiracy. Jack Ruby is also said to have acted alone when he shot Oswald in front of the camera.

Clark Committee (1968) Edit source]

An expert panel reviewed the original medical evidence. It was found that the pathologist had incorrectly identified the impact site on John F. Kennedy's head. Nevertheless, according to the committee, it was shots from behind.

Rockefeller Commission (1975) Edit source]

The Rockefeller Commission investigated the CIA's entanglements. In the final report, the CIA was found to have been involved in various illegal actions within the US, but it is said not to have been involved in the Kennedy assassination.

Church Committee (1975/76) Edit source]

The Schweikler / Hart subcommittee under Senator Frank Church found that the FBI, Secret Service, and CIA had kept vital information secret from the Warren Commission that might have given the investigation a different outcome.

House Assassination Special Committee (HSCA) (1976-1979) Edit source]

After the first public screening of the Zapruder film, the special committee was set up. Based on an analysis of the tape recording, it was determined that there was a 4th shot and thus a 2nd shooter. Oswald was part of a conspiracy whose author is unknown (the fatal shot was fired by Oswald).

Commenting on the Warren Commission, it was said: "The Warren Commission failed to adequately investigate a conspiracy to assassinate the President. This deficit was partly due to the failure of the Commission to obtain all relevant information held by other agencies and departments of the government receive."

FBI and National Science Academy (1980/1982) [edit | Edit source]

The FBI and the National Science Academy independently examined the evidential strength of the acoustic analysis. They came to the conclusion that the acoustic analysis was of no relevance and that there was no second shooter.

List of people involved Edit source]

James Jesus AngletonHead of Counterintelligence for the CIA. Obsessed with finding the spy in his own ranks. According to Victor Marchetti and A.J. Weberman involved in assassination, as it appears that Kennedy was the top Russian spy.
Lee Bowers Jr.Railroad worker who worked in a signal box in Dallas behind the grass mound during Kennedy's assassination. Tested before the Warren Commission he saw two men behind the fence and a flash of light as the shots rang out. The statement was not followed up. On August 9, 1966, he drove into a "strange state of shock" against a bridge pier.
William CooperEx-Navy intelligence officer, active in UFO conspiracy circles. Claims the CIA killed Kennedy while trying to stop the alien conspiracy.
Three trampsThree men who were on the grass mound during the attack were arrested and released three days later. E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Chauncey Holt, Charles Harrelson and Charles Rogers are suspected of being among these three. Journalist Mary La Fontaine allegedly identified the three tramps as Harold Doyle, John Forester Gedney and Gus W. Abrams in 1989, using Dalles City records released.
John DalyJournalist and presenter of "Line", married the daughter of Earl Warren (villain for all JFK assassination theorists). Dorothy Kilgallen died of an "accidentally ingested" overdose a few hours after appearing on "Line".
Allen Welsh Dulleswas director of the CIA from 1953 to 1961, which earned him both reputation and criticism. After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, John F. Kennedy released him. Later he was a member of the Warren Commission, where he is said to have purposefully suppressed traces towards the CIA.
David Ferrymysterious man, relations with the Mafia and CIA. Died before Jim Garrison tried to arrest him (allegedly from a karate blow to the neck).
Jim GarrisonNew Orleans District Attorney. Investigated against David Ferry, who was killed shortly before the arrest. Eladio del Valle, who was also suspected by him, was killed on the same day. Tried to uncover a conspiracy, which failed due to a lack of evidence (including the death of Oswald).
Second Gemstone FileClaim that Johny Roselli (top mafiosi) personally shot JFK. Mary Joe Kopechne, Robert Kennedy's secretary, was drowned (did she know too much?).
Sam "Mooney" Giancanamore than notorious contract killer under Al Capone. He played a role in the presidential election and did Joe Kennedy (Prohibition-era friend) a favor. When the Kennedy brothers began their public war against the Mafia, Giancana felt betrayed. He planned and supervised the assassination and died shortly afterwards from being shot in the mouth (punishment for mafia treason).
William GreerWas the driver of Kennedy's car during the assassination. After the first shot, he braked the car and, according to some witnesses, even stopped (which, however, cannot be seen on the Zapruder film). Then he turned around after the 2nd shot, saw Connally slump and the 3rd shot hit Kennedy in the head, whereupon he accelerated sharply. William Manchester testified that Greer was desperate to apologize to Jacqueline Kennedy for his wrongdoing at the hospital. When asked what William Greer would have thought of Kennedy, after asking twice, his son said: "Well, we are Methodists and John F. Kennedy was a Catholic". Quite a few therefore believe that he is involved in the murder plot, some even consider him to be the assassin (driver theory). He himself stated that the three shots came from behind and believed that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy.
Charles HarrelsonWas a hit man convicted of murdering Judge John H. Wood, Jr. Prior to his conviction, he is said to have said that he was the murderer of John F. Kennedy, which he later retracted, citing he was under the influence of cocaine. The masterpiece expert Lois Gibson wants one of the three tramps identified as Charles Harrelson
Jan van HelsingIn his book “Secret Societies and Their Role in the 20th Century” he claims that all conspiracies uncovered so far are camouflage for the Illuminati, behind whom the Rothschild banking family stands. JFK was killed by the Illuminati after him.
E. Howard HuntEx-CIA agent is said to have been among the three tramps during the attack. He later also took part in the "Watergate" break-in and received a million dollar hush money from Nixon. Connection with Illuminati: JFK died on the 22nd, Oswald on the 24th, the 23 lies in between.
Roy KellermanKellerman was in the car with Kennedy during the assassination attempt and testified: "I am going to say that I have, from the firecracker report and the two other shots that I know, those were three shots. But, Mr. Specter, if President Kennedy had from all reports four wounds, Governor Connally three, there have got to be more than three shots, gentlemen. " (see: The Magic Ball)
Jacqueline Bouvier-KennedyWife of John F. Kennedy. Some believe she was involved in the murder. According to a specific theory, she fired the last fatal shot at her husband at close range with a handgun. One possible motive for her would be the constant infidelity of her husband, who probably also had a relationship with Marilyn Monroe.
Robert F. Kennedywas shot at close range on June 5th, 1968. Alleged murderer Sirhan Sirhan, allegedly it could not have been and claims to have been brainwashed even before the assassination, which raised connections with the MK-ULTRA program of the CIA (to program murderers in such a way that they cannot remember). Some conspirators suspect that the real killer was security officer Eugene Cesar, who allegedly worked for the CIA. In view of the Martin Luther King assassination, the sentence: “Once can happen, twice is a coincidence, three times is outside influence” ..
Mark LaneAuthor who researched the Kennedy assassination attempt and sharply criticized the Warren Report (Rush to Judgment, Plausible Denial). There were allegations that the KGB had given him US $ 2,000 for his research without his own knowledge [1]. Also researched the assassination attempt on Martin Luther King and was a committed anti-war activist during the Vietnam War. Later belonged to the Peoples Temple and was one of the few survivors of the Jonestown massacre.
David Liftonfilmed the video "Best Evidence," which includes interviews with the Parkmann Hospital employee (Dallas, where Kennedy's body was taken) and Bethesda employees (Maryland, autopsy site). Parkmann Witnesses speak of a much smaller head wound than the Bethesda Witnesses. There are contradictions with the coffins (three different ones are described). The brain disappeared between the two hospitals (see Albert Einstein). Either employees of at least one of the hospitals suffer from poor memory or government employees have modified the corpse in such a way that the assumption of a shot from behind is correct. (although allegedly 75 percent of witnesses reported gunshots from the grass mound)
Marita Lorenzformer CIA agent. She testified that Hunt and Frank Sturgis were preparing for an assassination attempt.
Carlos MarcelloMafia boss, claimed to have organized the assassination attempt and sent a message to Jimmy Hoffa: "Tell him he owes me something", which was never seen again.
Mary Pinchot MeyerFriend of JFK. At times also mistress of Dr. Timothy Leary (who was involved in the MK Ultra program). She also did small jobs for the CIA. She was shot twice in the head. The murder is still officially unsolved. J.J. Angleton burned her diary.
George de Mohrenschildtbecame a relatively close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald a few months before the attack and said Lee was innocent. He shot himself when he was about to testify before the investigative committee. His wife claims it was a cover-up murder.
Robert Morning SkyIn his so-called "Terra Papers" he claims that we descended from contortionists from Orion. The Vietnam War served as a cover for CIA drug smuggling. JFK was killed trying to expose the CIA and contortionist conspiracies. (see reptiloids)
Carl Oglesbyput forward the Yankee and Cowboy War theory, according to which the ruling US elite is split into Yankees (Old England and New York families, David Rockefeller) and cowboys (new Western prosperity, Howard Hughs). He claims the cowboys killed JFK and the Yankees got out of the way through WatergateNixon (favorite cowboy politician).
Aristotle OnassisAccording to the Gemstone File, Onassis was the most powerful Mafia boss in the world.With the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Mafia wanted to recapture Cuba in cooperation with the CIA, but Kennedy refused air support at the crucial moment, which is why the matter became a disaster. In Mafia tradition, Onassis then avenged himself by killing Kennedy and his own Shooting iron (Pentagon) and his Girl (Jackie Kennedy) seized.
Lee Harvey Oswald either the murderer of JFK (possibly not alone) or he is only portrayed as a murderer, while the real murderers remain unknown. Allegedly, the majority of witnesses claim that the shots came from the grass hill and not from Oswald's window, but a computer simulation based on the Zapruder film is said to show that the shots could only have come from the book store. Lee Harvey Oswald used to work for the "Fair Play for Cuba Committee", which some theorists assume is a kind of assassination office of the CIA or the communists (that depends on the theorists), and shortly before the attack he is supposed to be in Mexico the embassies of the Soviet Union and Cuba, officially: to emigrate. He was part-time employee of Carlos Marcello and was on November 24th. shot by Jack Ruby when he was moved to another prison much too late.
Marina Oswald told many versions of her ex-husband's non- / involvement in the JFK assassination, according to the last one (as told by A.J.Weberman in 1994) the Federal Reserve Bank should be the answer and not Angleton and the CIA themselves; The Federal Reserve Bank, which is raising the money, is above the CIA. Some consider her a Russian agent who was supposed to either support Oswald or manipulate him into an assassination attempt
Lt. William Pitzertook the first autopsy photos of JFK on 11/22/63. His photos (exit wound on the back of the head) fit the “grass hill theory”, in contrast to Bethesda’s “shot from behind theory”. According to friends, he had to endure “terrible” interrogations by government agents and later became one himself inflicted wound (according to the pathologist) found dead with the gun in his right hand, although he was left-handed.
Colonel Fletcher ProutyConsultant in the film JFK. In his book "The Secret Team" he describes the "High Cabal" who gives orders to our government. He believes the assassination attempt was planned within the US government and its media cover-up was only part of a larger cover-up about what the Cold War was provoked for and what commercial motives it served.
Bruce RobertsAuthor of the Gemstone File, in which he claims that the Kennedy murder is the work of Mafia boss Aristotle Onassis. He took revenge on Kennedy for the botched Bay of Pigs invasion. The file names the 3 assassins who are said to have carried out the murder of Kennedy: Jimmy Fratianno, John Roselli and Eugene Brading.
Johny Rosellidisappeared when summoned by the investigative committee and was found dead floating in a barrel in the Gulf of Mexico.
Jack Ruby also belonged to the "family" under Marcello. He allegedly shot Oswald on November 24th. According to Ruby's public testimony, he shot Oswald in revenge for the Kennedy murder, other sources say he implied that he acted under pressure from the Mafia and that there was a truth that would never come to light. Conspiracy theorists usually see him as a co-conspirator or puppet who served to prevent a proper trial against Oswald and the associated investigation. Ruby died of cancer in 1967 (some theorists believe it was murder).
Richard ShaverAuthor of "I remember Lemuria!", According to which titans used to live on earth, who have now withdrawn into the caves of the earth, divided into Deros (evil) and Teros (good) (cf. reptilians). The Deros have high technology that they can use to make people hallucinate and get Oswald to murder JFK.
J. D. Tippit Police officer who was allegedly killed by Lee Harvey Oswald with 4 shots from his revolver on the day of the attack. According to the Warren Report, he was shot at 1:15 pm, but some witnesses speak of 1:06 pm. Sometimes it is doubted that Oswald was even able to get from one crime scene to the other so quickly. According to the witness Acquilla Clemons, who was never questioned by the Warren Commission, two people fled the scene after the shooting in different directions. There is speculation about whether Tippit and his killer knew each other.
William TorbittPseudonym for an author of the work "NASA, Nazis and JFK", according to which the JFK assassination was carried out by a group of conspirators - consisting of Werner von Braun, David Ferry, J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon B. Johnson, Roy Cohn and Ferenc Nagy ( former Prime Minister of Hungary) - monitored, carried out under the direction of Department 5 in the FBI (which became a homicide bureau). William Sullivan, D-5 chief, spent November 23rd. actually with J.J. Angleton, according to Torbitt, to discuss cover-up stories, but Torbitt did not provide any information as to which motive Nazis, Hungarian politicians and NASA were creating a conspiracy (There was only weak evidence of fake moon landings, Area 51, genetically created aliens and the like)
Umbrella manTwo seconds before the first shot on Dealy Plaza, a man (a certain Louis Witt professed to be the umbrella man) opened his umbrella despite the sunny weather; Conspirators see this as a "shot order". In September 1975 the CIA introduced an umbrella poison arrow weapon - recommended only in large crowds with the umbrellas open. There are also claims that Kennedy was paralyzed in the Zapruder film just before the first shots were fired.
Gary Underhilltold friends that a group within the CIA had planned the JFK assassination and that he wanted to blow them up. He was found (according to Torbitt) "only a few days later" with a shot in the head behind the left ear (was right-handed).
Eladio del Vallewas suspected by Jim Garrison of being involved in the murder of JFK. He was shot in Miami, his head was later split open with a machete. The day of his death was the same as that of David Ferry.
Marilyn WalleStripper at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club in Dallas. She wanted to write a book about secret events in connection with the JFK assassination attempt, but was shot on November 1st, 1966.
Buddy WalthersDallas deputy sheriff found a .45 bullet in the grass at Dealy Plaza, after giving it to a supposed FBI agent, the bullet was never seen again. He spoke frequently of the bullet and emphasized that it could never have come from the 7.65 Mannlicher Carcano rifle. He died in a shooting in 1969.
A.J. Webermanmaintains the most extensive website on the JFK assassination, with both conspiracy theories and statements by the CIA, and he interviewed Marina Oswald, among others. He sees J.J. Angleton as jointly responsible.
R.A. Wilsonin his novel series "Illuminatus!" there are indications that the real killer of JFK was a person with the initials H.C. preferably a certain Harry Coin, but maybe also a Hagbard Celine. One should not necessarily rely on the truth content of Illuminatus, because according to his novel there were 5 independent shooters on that day, only one of whom was shot.
Abraham Zapruderfilmed the infamous Zapruder movie, which shows JFK driving through Dallas including his shooting. The film shows JFK's head jerking back, which would confirm the launch of a bullet from the grassy hill (Warren Commission witnesses respond that living people and animals can twitch in any direction due to internal neurological spasms, others say that the one on the Zapruder film seen headshot is typical for a shot from behind). Time-Life paid Zapruder $ 150,000 for the film without showing it and the Warren Commission hid JFK's flinch: either sloppily investigated or deliberately kept quiet; According to David Lifton, author, the commission should therefore not be trusted under any circumstances.

== Important evidence ==

It should be noted that only the known evidence can be listed here and none that fell victim to possible cover-ups.

Zapruder movie Edit source]

The Zapruder film was shot by the amateur filmmaker Abraham Zapruder and shows the presidential limousine during the shooting. It is considered by many to be the most important piece of evidence, although there is of course speculation about tampering with the film.

The film was recorded on Kodak Kodachrome 8 mm color film with no soundtrack. The 414 PD Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series film camera recorded 18.3 frames per second, the entire film has a length of 486 individual frames (approx. 26.6 seconds).

The presidential limousine can be seen during the shooting; the first shot that Kennedy hit took place when it was covered by a shield, but the headshot is all the more visible.

After the film was copied by Kodak, the original went to Zapruder and the copy to the US secret services. Zapruder sold the film to Life magazine for $ 150,000, although he stipulated that Frame 313, which shows Kennedy's headshot, should not be published. The film was first shown on television in 1975.

Further film recordings exist of F. Mark Bell, Charles Bronson, Robert JE Hughes, John Martin, Charles Mentesana, Patsy Paschall, Elsie Dorman, Tina Towner, Marie Muchmore and Orville Nix, as well as an unidentified woman, whereby only the recordings of Nix , Muchmore and Bronson show the shots.

Single frames of the Zapruder film

Mannlicher-Carcano [edit | Edit source]

The Mannlicher-Carcano is said to have been found on the 5th floor of the TSBD with a telescopic sight and 3 cartridge cases. Her ballistic profile should match the officially found bullets, which could mean that only she would be considered as a murder weapon. The ballistic profile also fits the weapon that was used on April 10, 1963 in an unsuccessful assassination attempt against right-wing Edwin Walker, a member of the John Birch Society.

Oswald's handprint is said to have been found on the weapon.

Oswald is said to have ordered this weapon several months before the attack with a false ID.

"Alek Hidell's" order form [edit | Edit source]

Mannlicher-Carcano order form

Mannlicher-Carano order form, signed by "Alek Hidell"

Oswald's forged ID [edit | Edit source]

File: CE795.jpg

Oswald's forged ID

Oswald is said to have used this forged ID to order the Carcano rifle and revolver.

Backyard photo Edit source]

The backyard photo is said to have been taken by Marina Oswald on March 31, 1963 and shows Oswald in a pose with the Mannlicher-Carcano, the revolver and the newspapers The Militant and The worker.

It is speculated that the photo is a fake to portray Oswald as a militant leftist.

"Single Bullet" Edit source]

The Single bullet (Single bullet) allegedly removed from John Connaly's leg after the assassination attempt. Your ballistic profile should match the Mannlicher-Carcano.

Critics refer to them as because of their trajectory magic bullet / magic bullet and sometimes think of it as an unused ball.

Theories Edit source]

Oswald was not the shooter [edit | Edit source]

Most theories around the assassination believe Oswald to be a scapegoat who only had to hold his head out for a larger conspiracy. The extent to which Oswald was involved is controversial, while some consider him completely innocent, others see him as a co-conspirator or victim of a conspiracy.

In particular, the bullets that Kennedy and Connaly hit are under discussion as not coming from Oswald, but from at least one other shooter.

The shot came from the front [edit | Edit source]

The direction of the shot is always one of the main arguments against Oswald. In the Zapruder film you can see how Kennedy's forehead bursts with the last shot and he is thrown backwards, so a shot from the front and since Oswald shot from behind, it couldn't have been him, could it?

Unfortunately, things are more complicated: gunshot wounds to the head leave the biggest wound where they emerge and that was Kennedy's forehead, which is why the bullet must have entered the back of the head.

But why does Kennedy fall back when the bullet should push him forward? In this case, some sources assume uncontrolled muscle contractions, which are common with damage to the nervous system. It should also be noted that the bullet penetrated the president, i.e. did not transfer all of its kinetic energy to him. Still other theories suggest that the organic material set in motion by the bullet, as it emerged from the wound, caused a recoil that threw Kennedy's body backwards.

The magic ball [edit | Edit source]

Another argument in favor of the multiple offender theory is the "magic bullet". It tries to show how nonsensical is the government's version that one bullet causes so many injuries to Kennedy and Governor John Connally. But see for yourself how the magic ball should have flown:

File: MagischeKugel.jpg

The magic ball is said to have caused all of these injuries without suffering a single damage or deformation.

Skeptics note here that the two men probably didn't sit so straight behind one another; according to them the situation looked like this:

File: Unmagic Sphere.jpg

The bullet is also said to never have hit solid bone material when it hit Kennedy and Connally, which is why it was not damaged, but rather soft was braked.

Oswald had too little time for 3 shots [edit | Edit source]

As an argument against Oswald's perpetration, it is also repeatedly cited that Oswald had too little time to fire three shots. But if you deal with this argument, you run into a problem: How do you determine the duration between the 1st and the last shot?

With the help of the Zapruder film one can only narrow down the time span in which the shots were fired, which hit Kennedy and John Connally. The first of these two shots takes place at a time when Kennedy and Connally are covered by a shield (between frames 210 and 222), Kennedy's head hit can be seen on frame 313, which is 91 to 103 frames apart. The Zapruder film was recorded with 18.3 frames per second, which means that there were 5 to 5.6 seconds between the two shots.

Now the question arises as to when the remaining shot was fired that hit a tree that was close to the TSBD. It seems likely that this shot was Oswald's first, because the tree is an obstacle only if he shoots Kennedy at a relatively steep angle. A shot between the two on the Zapruder film is completely incompatible with the one Lone perpetrator theory, since Oswald would not have the time and a shot after the other two shots would be possible, but makes no sense because the tree would then no longer be an obstacle.

The further calculation of the time appears to be difficult, one could try to determine this from the speed of the car and the way from the position where it was shot at for the first time to the position where the president was hit the first time.

The Warren Commission determined a time of 7.91 seconds for all 3 shots, which includes aiming twice and getting the rifle ready twice. If you subtract the time that results from the Zapruder film for the preparation of the 3rd shot, 2.3 to 2.9 seconds remain for the 2nd shot. The rate of fire of a Carcano rifle is 12 rounds per minute, which means an average of one shot every 5 seconds and is therefore clearly in contradiction to the value determined by the Warren Commission, but it is unclear whether the specification of the rate of fire corresponds to the reload time of the 6-round weapon considered. According to Josiah Thompson, it was impossible to fire multiple balls in 2.3 seconds (he assumed a smaller total time).

The last one was the hit [edit | Edit source]