Why is it so important to exercise regularly?

Why is exercise important ?: What exercise does to our body

Not just for weight loss

Actually everyone knows that Move important is. But unfortunately many too often fail because of their inner weaker self or comfort. Too warm, too cold, too wet, too dark, too little time ... there are enough excuses. But as of today they no longer count: Why regular exercise is important is how movement is positive affects you and your body and even long term affects your health, find out here!

Sport is important for the heart, circulation and metabolism

Every form of movement ensures that the heart is challenged more and has to do more. It pumps faster that Pressure in the blood vessels increases on and they widen. The risk of blood clots in narrow vessels decreases. Despite the higher load, the decreases Blood pressure, because the blood can be pumped through the veins more easily and the heart has to work against less resistance. Regular exercise strengthens and strengthens the body Heart muscles. And a trained heart can pump more blood into the body with every beat, work more efficiently and improve blood flow. Also Sport is important for the smallest blood vessels, because when they move they are better supplied with blood and the Oxygen uptake increases in all body regions. Damage in the blood vessels can even regress through regular physical activity! In addition, sufficient exercise protects you from diseases such as Diabetes and obesity. The body consumes more energy that Fat and sugar metabolism is cranked. Even regular moderate-intensity exercise can help Heart attack and stroke as well as that Cancer risk to reduce.
Short: Sport is important for all vital processes in your body!

Strengthen bones and muscles through exercise

Bones have the ability to adapt to changing mechanical requirements (Wolff's law of transformation). Your bones build up and become stronger when they are stressed. On the other hand, if they are not exposed to or only slightly exposed to stress, they can even regress. Accordingly, movement becomes the Strengthened bone density. This is why sport is particularly important for women, because they are statistically more likely than men osteoporosis (Bone loss) - with osteoporosis, the bone mass continues to break down. The result: brittle and unstable bones. Too little activity also leads to the cartilage and with it the Joints Receiving too few nutrients and thus becoming dry, brittle and cracked. Cartilage is “nourished” with synovial fluid. This is used for the synovial fluid and ensures that the smooth cartilage coating is not damaged. This grease is "massaged" into the cartilage through loading and unloading, for example through sport. If there is a lack of exercise or an incorrect load, there is an undersupply and the joint becomes susceptible to damage. The bad: Damaged cartilage cannot be replaced!

Also for yours Tendons and of course yours MusclesisSport important: Your body starts with the in your mid-20s Muscle breakdownwhen you are not active. Movement protects against the natural breakdown of muscle mass and serves to maintain strength into old age. Nice side effect: need muscles more energy than fatConversely, a muscular body burns more fat even when at rest. Optimal, because it pushes the basal metabolic rate, which naturally falls with age.

Sport as an important booster for your immune system

Did you know that athletes are less sick than couch potatoes ?! Moderate training sessions toughen you up, strengthen you immunity and can prevent various diseases in the long term. Intensive and unfamiliar training loads, on the other hand, weaken the immune system, as the body initially perceives extensive, stressful training units as stress and has to adapt to the hard loads during regeneration. So dear slowly approach higher loadsthan to start directly from 0 to 100.

Sport brings you and your psyche into harmony

Successfully conquering your weaker self and getting off the couch, mastering a new personal best, rocking a tough sports unit - you all know the feeling afterwards: You feel invincible, self-confident and up to all challenges. What many often forget: there is next to your body Sport is also important for your psyche! It makes you happier, more satisfied and more balanced, you feel better, more attractive, get to know your physical limits and develop a better one overall Body awareness. The increased blood flow and the resulting oxygen supply to the body reduce stress, so you can concentrate better and sleep better. Also the Life expectancy is increasing. In short: you become a total Not only physically but also mentally more resilient in the long term. How far should I take the list ?! : P Sport is simply a miracle weapon for you and your psyche!

But Exercise is not only important for prevention a stable psyche, but can also provide relief in acute emergencies! Movement has a supportive effect Treating mental illnesses likedepressions and is often used as part ofAddiction therapies used. Exercise can be an effective non-drug method to reduce excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption or prevent them from occurring in the first place (by the way: alcohol and exercise are not a good combination anyway). Sport is used here as a kind of substitute satisfaction, which also triggers a good feeling in the body - this is largely responsible for this The happiness hormone serotoninthat is poured out by movement.

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Sport is important - exercise in everyday life (almost) even more!

Let's be optimistic and reckon that you will do one hour of sport about four times a week - out of 168 hours a week makes 4. And the remaining 164 ?! Just. If you just sit there and avoid every step, the active times are of little use. Therefore: Build more movement into your everyday life! How?! With these tips!

  • Car vs. bike:Do you think driving saves you time ?! Not necessarily: searching for a parking space or red lights at rush hour also eat up time! So, get in the saddle more often!
    Suitable for this: Lose weight by cycling.
  • To stroll:Whether with the (neighbour's) dog, friends or alone - take a trip through the park from time to time. Makes your head clear and helps you fall asleep in the evening! You might also enjoy going jogging.
    More on the topic: running training for beginners, jogging properly, the right running shoe, running in winter, running barefoot.
  • Stairs instead of elevator: The classic - but really effective: In the future, always take the stairs and leave the lift on the left. A great butt workout by the way!
  • Face-to-face instead of medium:Do you have to tell your colleague something? Ask the roommate something? Then get up and take care of it personally instead of picking up the phone or cell phone!
  • Use breaks cleverly:Office job, long day at university or school, learning marathon - unfortunately, everyday life for most of us. Means: sitting all day. You can't change it, but: Use the lunch break or take a five-minute break in between and do a little round of the buck - the time has to be!

In addition to these small, everyday movement rituals, 3 - 4 times a week to work up a real sweat. It is best to do this a mixture of strength and endurance. If you have a very full and structured everyday life, a plan will help you! Organizes the week and consciously blocks times for training - Exercise is so important! If you find it difficult to implement the plan, treat yourself to a spa visit or a new sports shirt after 10 training units, for example. After a while, reward yourself at longer and longer intervals - until you no longer need an incentive at all, and sport has become part of your flesh and blood. If you lack the motivation to train alone, trains together with friends. For several, the incentive is greater to actually go through with your plan - who wants to give up in front of their friends and always be the one who cancels ?! ;)

Makes small steps and do not expect too much from yourself too quickly. Such a change in behavior does not work overnight and you will repeatedly experience setbacks. Don't let this discourage you. Find a sport that suits you and offers variety. Do not put yourself under pressure, otherwise you will lose the fun of the matter too quickly.

Uses Movement as a valve to reduce frustration, disappointment or boredom. Think of all the positive changes that regular exercise will have on you. Exercise is so important and you only have one body - don't wait for a new year, a new month or next Monday. Get started right away and do something for yourself - you won't regret it!

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