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Develop your own native mobile app - Part 5.1: Upload an app to the Google Play Store

As already mentioned, after submitting an app it usually takes a few hours for it to be published in the app store. But then it's finally done: Your own app is in the Google Play Store and can now be downloaded by all Android users. However, you must not turn away completely from the application afterwards - even after an app has been released, it still requires a certain amount of maintenance.

So be sure to check out the Maintain and update the app appropriately. Because with the mass of different Android devices, it is almost impossible to develop a completely error-free application. But the Google Developer Console can also help you here: It is possible to view error reports via the menu item "Crashes and ANRs" (ANR stands for "Application Not Responding"), which users can access via an in Submitted the app's built-in crash dialog to the Developer Console. However, users must actively consent to the reporting of an app error so that they can even find out about a user's app crash.

If you've been able to fix reported bugs in the app, consider releasing an updated version of your application - it's pretty straightforward using the Developer Console upload a new version of an app that has already been published. Remember to mark the version accordingly (for example, version 1.0 can be followed by version 1.0.1).

In addition to improving the app functions and content, you should also look into the App store optimization in the Google Play Store. There are different approaches that can be used to improve the ranking of an application in the App Store. The last two parts of our app article series are dedicated to this topic. Here, too, the content has been divided into two parts: One text deals exclusively with optimizing the app ranking in the Google Play Store, the other gives advice on optimizing the Apple App Store. The improvements in app store placement should not be underestimated: the more prominently an application is listed in an app store, the more attention it will of course receive, which increases the number of potential users.