Which crabs have the most meat


When it comes to crabs, it is important that they are always processed immediately. (Photo by: © praisaeng / fotolia.com)

In and of itself, it's not difficult to prepare the small crustaceans. However, it is all the more difficult to get fresh specimens.

The term "Crabs“Is common with the shrimp equated. However, this is technically completely incorrect, because there are two biologically separate animal families:

  • Short-tailed crabs (crabs)
  • Long-tailed crabs (shrimp)

Difference between crabs and prawns:

  • Shrimp: Do not have scissors and are often sold peeled. Depending on where they come from, the prawns are called shrimps, prawns, cameron or shrimp.
  • Crabs: The lobster-like marine animals have claws and a short-tailed crayfish. These include scampis (Norway lobster, langoustine), lobster and lobster.

Info: The designation North Sea Crab is actually wrong because it is North Sea shrimp.

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Crabs are one of the Short-tailed crabs, which already describes their important distinguishing feature.

Crabs have a smaller abdomen, with the tail disappearing under the body. This sets it apart from the Long-tailed crabs from.

A distinction is made between false and real crabs for the different types of crabs:

  • Real crabs have four pairs of legs with which they can move. In addition, there are centrally placed scissors.
  • At Mock crabs one of the four pairs of legs is stunted, so that actually only three pairs of legs can be used for locomotion. A crab also has a very hard shell, almost like the Shape of a heart having.

Info: Crabs can weigh up to 6 kilograms but only about a quarter of it is edible.


Prefer crabs cold sea water. You will therefore pass mainly in the south and north of the Pacific and Atlantic. But other seas also offer occurrences of the crabs, but only at great depths of the sea.

The so-called real crabs, which have four pairs of legs, are found mainly in the northern seas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic off the coasts of France and Spain.


Crabs instruct delicate meat which is still firm after cooking, but tender to the bite.

Info: Crab meat is high in protein, low in fat and high in vitamin E.

Use in the kitchen

When it comes to crabs, it is important that they are always processed immediately. If you have bought fresh crabs, you should process them on the same day if possible.

If they are stored in a damp and fairly cool place, they may last another day, but overall this is unlikely.

Important: In any case, the prerequisite for storage is that the animals are still alive.

Our recipe recommendations:

How to cook crabs properly:

  • When it comes to cooking the crabs, you first bring water to a boil in a large saucepan. A strong broth can also be used instead of the water.
  • It is important that a lot of salt is added so that the meat preserves its taste.
  • As soon as it boils, the (still living) crabs are put into the water one by one, head first.
  • When the crabs are cooked (approx. 15 minutes), they are removed from the water and the meat can be removed. It is mainly found in large quantities in the scissors and on the chest.
  • The meat in the legs tastes good too. However, there is very little of it.

Info: Fresh crabs are usually difficult to obtain. That is why you can alternatively use frozen scissors and legs, which you can buy in the supermarket in the frozen food department.

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