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News from March 16, 2012


Students from the Martin-Butzer-Gymnasium take part in the NASA international competition.

Dierdorf. For the second time, an all-day class from the Martin-Butzer-Gymnasium (MBG) under the direction of the sports teacher Ina Volkmann and the class teacher Nina Karaski takes part in the international competition of NASA and the German Aerospace Center. The project is also accompanied by Dirk Schalster, who teaches the class in ITG, among other things. The students are in competition with students from various European countries but also from Canada, the USA, Puerto Rico and Japan.

Class 5d carries out various sporting exercises under the name “Space runners” that involve coordination, speed and endurance, all of which are skills that astronauts on board the international space station also need. The exercises are for example: "Space force in your body", "Approach the speed of light" or "Let's climb a mountain on Mars".

In addition to the sporting part, on a project day the students dealt with the structure and stability of bones and experimentally found out what ingredients a burger is made of, because the right food is of particular importance for astronauts.
In the six-week project, the students have to document everything in their logbook and also write weekly reports in groups, which are then sent to NASA as specimen copies. On the one hand, this ensures a fair assessment and, on the other hand, the students learn to create documentation.

As the sports teacher Ina Volkmann emphasizes, "this competition is ideal for all-day classes, as they are organized at the MBG with the daily sports lesson, as this creates additional time to carry out such a project at all".

Even if the project is more about the Olympic idea that being there is everything, the students still hope that they can build on the success of the last sixth grade, which won the national championship.

Further information about the competition and the current number of points can be found at: http://trainlikeanastronaut.org/de/node/469/germany. Whoever visits this page discovers that the Dierdorf team “Space Runners” currently (16 March) is in second place nationwide.

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