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Government statement by State Minister Thorsten Glauber on October 28, 2020
"The future of water in Bavaria 2050: Rethinking water!"

The spoken word is valid!

I. Bavaria 2050: Accepting responsibility, securing the water future!

Madam President,
love Colleagues!

Fifty years ago this House made history: on December 8, 1970, the MPs were elected by a large majority Foundation of the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment decided. The first in Germany, the first even in Europe. It was clear to everyone: the environmental damage is getting bigger and bigger. We have to do something. It was a great moment for parliamentarism. The heart of our Parliament was beating full of strength at that time.

Fifty years is a long time. But when it comes to protecting the environment and nature have to we think long term. We have three major existential themes. These existential themes are linked to one another in a fateful interaction. We have to plan them with foresight in long strategic lines.

We are first in climate protection required. In a few weeks we will be talking about the new Bavarian Climate Protection Act in the second reading. We have initiated almost a hundred measures - a strong, historic offensive for more climate protection and more responsibility for the future! As a Free State, we have entered the age of climate neutrality!

We are second in species protection required. We have passed a double law. A referendum plus, epochal! We have thereby complied with the will of the sovereign. And we have demonstrated our ability to act as a legislature - because the majority of us have agreed together to save our livelihoods.

The last two years have been a heyday for species protection!
The Weltenburger Enge as the first national natural monument in Bavaria,
the Bavarian Forest National Park as soon to be the largest German forest national park,
thousands of hectares of new natural forests,
a contractual nature conservation that is growing dynamically:
We have achieved a lot! And above all, we have overcome the blockages that have made climate, nature and species protection a rift in our society. Our way is cooperation instead of confrontation. Betterdo instead of betterknowledge. With talk to people instead above you. Because only with each other let's do the Herculean work that lies ahead of us in terms of protecting the climate and species.

Today I want to focus on the third major existential issue. That is no less fundamental. That also requires our common strength. And that I know that the Prime Minister is just as worried as I am - thank you for this clear positioning! Our task is: we have to create the entry into a secure water future.

I want to go with today initiate a working debate - a future debate that we and our successors in this House will never let go of. Why? Because everything that defines us is at stake - our health, our supply, our prosperity. Much in our life will be void if we don't get this one topic in order: water.

I don't want to dwell on examples. I could read you the letters in stacks, letters from citizens in burning concern. But each of you is out and about in the country. Everyone knows: fields are drying up. Forests are dying of thirst. Storm. Hurricanes. Heat and drought records every year. The truth is what we see elsewhere in the world today we can have it with us tomorrow:
Forest fires like California.
Oven cities like in Asia.
Heat deaths like in France.
Landscapes like in spaghetti westerns.
Irrigation problems like in Spain, the land of moonlight fountains.

Hence my point: We have to use the lead that we still have over others. We have to make the necessary decisions today meeting today For 2050! We are well on the way when it comes to flood protection - with the largest hydraulic engineering program in the history of the Free State. But we need our water future a total of to back up. Rethink Bavaria, a state of water. Over a time horizon behind which legislative periods are behind. Who no longer focuses on us, but on those after us. We need the water future in 2050. A joint offensive, five strong pillars:
Store water.
Distribute water.
Protect water.
Appreciate water.
Thinking about water as a whole.

II. Pillar 1: Save water!

What is our main problem, Colleagues?

The main problem is a map of Germany in yellow, orange and red - the drought monitor of the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research. Anyone can read this drought monitor. Everyone can see: the past decade is by far the most colorful in seventy years [beginning of the drought comparison with the year 1952]. This applies to the topsoil. But it also applies to the entire floor.

Especially the groundwater is lost to us. On average over the past ten years, we have had almost a fifth less groundwater recharge! The trend is negative, the formation of new groundwater continues to decline. We are well on the way to a groundwater emergency!

So the bottom line:
The landscape dries up.
We miss it the water in the surface and in the depth.
So we have to back to the Future.
The heat-stressed floor turns into crispbread, at some point into sand - it has neither water nor absorbs it. We have to get away from the drained soil that the sun hits. The vision is storable soil with a shady bank strip.

For me that means: I'll be back by the end of next year a program entitled "Water Future Bavaria 2050" hang up. One goal: restore our landscape water balance, reclaim the soils and moors as CO2 storage, water seep away as much and as extensively as possible -
Maintain and build up soils,
develop shady shorelines,
Create infiltration structures,
Drainage cadastre and management,
Regenerate floodplains, renature watercourses, preserve forests.

This program will be a social program be. Without party politics. I would like the farmers and foresters at the table, municipalities, landscape conservation associations. My water experts have already got to work. In my house alone, I have the concentrated expertise of 80 specialists. We have the State Office for the Environment, the Water Management Offices, our colleagues in the governments. We expect additional impulses from the “Water Supply” expert commission, which I chair - the first meeting has already taken place. We are on our way in close collaboration with all those affected - for a healthy water balance, healthy soils, healthy agriculture!

Water in the area, colleagues: That also means, of course Sponge cities in Bavaria!

Here, too, we have to rethink - unseal ourselves in the truest sense. No city needs as much water as Venice. But it shouldn't be Dubai either! We need Sponge cities - Cities that we won't cover with concrete. Save the rainwater. So that we don't lose the precious urban greenery - like in Würzburg, where they had to fell 5,000 dried-up trees the year before last. So that we can prevent the oven effect - and with it the staggering of townspeople in the heat stress.

That is why we are working flat out Mega generation theme "Sponge City" and "Sponge Village" ran, "Sponge City" and "Sponge Village":
We create the concept for the city and village of the future - with the whole set of instruments from green lungs to building green to land-use planning. In my opinion, we also have to adapt the building law.
And we start Pilot projects for implementation this concept - with partners who have long understood what it is all about: municipal umbrella organizations, architects, engineers, associations, local actors.
With our “Stadt.Klima.Natur” initiative, we are working with the building ministry to strengthen the green and blue infrastructure in the municipalities. These municipalities are the future lighthouses of the sponge city principle. Our goal is clear: we want more of it.

love Colleagues!

Restoring natural water reservoirs - that will be the great task for the next few decades. Man can do a lot. But it cannot replace our soil. We need the floor as a sponge again.

Complementary for this we need our storage and transfer systems. We pump with you the Danube-Main crossing, the epochal structure for water equalization in Bavaria, 150 million cubic meters of water per year from the south to the north. 150 million! A gigantic life insurance in blue for Regnitz and Main! We are happy to pay the premium for this - six million euros a year for operation and maintenance. The transition is an answer full of technical force to a problem of natural weakness - the low precipitation in francs. You have to imagine: We have areas in Franconia where the annual rainfall is 500 liters per square meter. That is a level that you also have in parts of Israel and Jordan!

So that means: We need the memory as an important additional support. Especially on the upper reaches of the Franconian rivers! Storage tanks can prevent the worst in dry periods and, in particular, save the ecological system of a body of water. Such a system is over faster than a person looks.

The Main, for example, would almost certainly have tilted last year and the year before last without fresh water. That is why the transition is so indispensable. We have to make them climate-proof - for all time! My ambition is: Both lines of transmission should be safe - the one from the Brombachsee and the one from the Danube. Two years ago, for example, the water for the Main came almost exclusively from the Brombachsee. The Danube itself was much too low! I would like to start at this weak point. We help the Danube back on its feet when the water is low - first the Danube, then the Main, and then shipping, agriculture and our entire natural environment.

So for us to act: a large, Bavaria-wide memory check. The water state Bavaria think into the future, restore the natural water balance in the area and additionally Do our best technically - that must be our claim. I want to know what's up today and probably future Point of view is the best storage strategy for our country. Therefore a new storage study, therefore a new “general plan low water storage tank” - and of course the whole thing not as a solo effort, but as a concerted process with all critical, creative and intelligent people. I'm looking forward to it - especially the input from the new commission of experts.

III. Pillar 2: distribute water!

love Colleagues!

It is also wise to look back at history from time to time. The history of water is a history of human development. The Roman aqueducts were the epitome of innovation 2,000 years ago. They were the arteries of an empire. Just like our water supply today a blue network of services of general interest is.

The fate of a good water supply is unfortunately their invisibility. Everything comes from the tap. But the fact is: a country whose water supply no longer works is in free fall. The water supply is the thermometer for quality of life. I would like to raise awareness of this value once again. And I want to I would like to thank everyone on site who are doing their job at the facilities. Every day, 24 hours, on call at night, on Sundays and public holidays, with all their competence and all their heart and soul, they keep the water state Bavaria running. Even in times of Corona. Although nobody sees them. Though most don't even know they exist.
Your work, dear colleagues, is indispensable!
It is a valuable service of general interest with a precious good!
Thank you so much - together, I am so free, with all my colleagues in this House.

My Ladies and gentlemen!

My job is to lead the water supply in Bavaria into a secure future. First of all, I do it with the team of experts in my house - people with an excellent reputation. And I'll do that second with a great openness to new paths. The “thinking without a railing” that Hannah Arendt recommends - that is exactly what we have to try if we want to keep pace with developments in here!

That’s why we’re working in the ministry now on the future concept for long-distance water supply. We are reviewing the status quo together with the remote suppliers. And we are making a forecast of the amount of water that we will need and have available by 2050. If we see danger anywhere on the horizon, we take action immediately. Additional extraction systems, storage facilities, lines - we will not omit anything that will make our water supply fit for the future.

A sip from the bottle would be that in this context Project of an additional long-distance water pipeline "West". With this project, we can tap a huge additional drinking water potential: We pump groundwater, for example from the Danube region. Clean it. And send it to Franconia as a precious resource. Drinking water, obtained from the bank filtrate of southern Bavarian rivers, a potential of millions of cubic meters of water! We are leveraging this potential.

I promise myself another stabilization boost from the increased networking of long-distance water systems. In particular, our two drinking water reservoirs in Frauenau in Lower Bavaria and Mauthaus in Upper Franconia. But I would also like to talk to our neighbors new supply partnerships check - with Baden-Württemberg, Saxony and Thuringia. We check everything, what is thinkable and what has not yet been thought. This is exactly what I mean when I say “rethink water”. So far the principle has always been: bring water from the south to the north. In the future, the principle should also be: Water from north bring to the north! Such a handshake of responsibility with our neighbors in Erfurt and Dresden: This point is at the top of my to-do list.

So the bottom line, colleagues: We use our water better and more flexibly when we use it at multiple places For have several places ready! This applies to the long-distance water supply. And of course that also applies to the water supply on site. Better together than lonely - that's always the case! We have this year with the new "water supply balances 2050" started to find out: Will every town, every village still have enough drinking water in 2050? Despite climate change? Despite pollution of the groundwater? Despite less new formation?

The balance sheets aren't ready yet, but we already know that the tap could stay dry if we don't do anything. Necessary is a new level of intermunicipal networking. We are working on this new stage of development - with full strength and together with our partners, the municipalities.

We have issued funding notices for 400 kilometers of new interconnectors, for a new kind of neighborly help between the municipalities.

And we extend the RZWas for another four years. The RZWas is so successful that we had to close down temporarily - funds overbooked! Such a success makes the Minister of Water happy, believe me. This shows: The decision-makers on site know exactly what treasure they have in their drinking and sewage systems. They rightly expect everyone to support them. Each and every one of us sitting here. Water just has to stay clean. It doesn't even tolerate the smallest trace elements of party politics.

love Colleagues!

“Distribution” also includes the Irrigation in the field. One thing is clear: we need drought-adapted agriculture. Irrigation must remain the exception.It cannot be extended to include everything, keyword biogasmais. But we see that our farmers are under enormous water stress. That is why we as the state government support them with our Bavaria-wide action plan for irrigation.

In plain language: We try it out intelligent irrigation conceptsthat help agriculture - including new technology, including new infrastructure. The application process for our pilot program will run until December. The goal is clever irrigation concepts - for fruit and vegetables, for hops and wine, for example. We will intensively support three pilot projects. If you are successful, more! Our common principle is, dear Michaela Kaniber: The more sustainability in the field, the better!

Anyone who knows a little about agriculture knows that our farmers are all-rounders. They used to be farmers. Then they became business administrators. Then they became energy hosts. And now they will Water hosts. But, I promise here and now: We will support you with all our might. The employees in the water management offices, in the nature conservation authorities, the state advisors on site - they are all standing by your side. We can only win the future together. With the farmers and foresters. With intact landscapes. With healthy and clean water.

IV. Pillar 3: Protect water!

love Colleagues!

Healthy and clean water: If Gollum from “Lord of the Rings” were the head of a water management office, then we would know what he means when he keeps saying “my darling” - Bavarian water!
Maybe drawn from one of our drinking water reservoirs.
A source stream in the Bavarian Forest National Park.
Or the Königssee in the Berchtesgaden National Park.
Bavaria is the number one lucky land because water is the number one food. Gerhard Polt speaks to me from the heart - "I don't have to go anywhere, I'm already there". I don't want to get pathetic, but it is like this: Bavarian water is a godsend!

This gift is sacrosanct. It's not negotiable. There is no thumbs up, no exception, no look at all. Water is holy - and not just as holy water!

So of course we have to get the nitrate pollution out of the ground. Of course, we have to reduce the exposure to pesticides. What else?

But I put it on the record because it is always confused: We measure the blood pressure when the fertilizer is prescribed. We do this with state-of-the-art measuring points. Which we will more than double for additional measurement accuracy - 1,500 instead of the previous 600.

But: We don't prescribe the drugs prescribes the responsible doctor. And I am sure that the doctor responsible in Bavaria will also prescribe the right medication. Nitrogen is certainly not just about agriculture, there are a few more factors. But the solution to the problem is only successful With agriculture.

Both Riparian strips For example, I see us on the right path because we are on it together walk. But even more is possible here. The new currency is shadow. I would like to develop the common Bavarian strip of water to become Bank edge de luxe: with hedges, trees and the appropriate funding.

One thing is clear: if we fail in this struggle for clean water, we can all pat each other on the shoulders. We are then all losers - from ourselves and from future generations. So let's get together on the subject of “clean water” a pact of responsibility - we today out of innermost responsibility for the good life of our children and grandchildren!

We also need this pact for the water protection areas. Such a water protection area is sometimes like the Regensburg Cathedral - an eternal construction site. We have 3,200 water protection areas in Bavaria, around 400 of which have to be constantly adapted. This “work in progress” is a normal process, which I would like to accelerate in the future. The average duration of proceedings is eight years. The vast majority of local people want planning security. My appeal therefore goes to all municipal elected officials: Help us with the water protection areas! The water future 2050 can only exist together!

And one last point about the future, because the future is yes always also technology: Plastic in the sea must become the no-go of the 21st century. We also declare war on microplastics and trace substances in our rivers.

But where there is pollution, we must also be able to purify the water. Bank filtrate, for example, which is to be used as drinking water. Here we need absolute top technology in our sewage treatment plants. We need the fourth stage of purificationwith which we remove the very last trace substances from the water. Our goal is ninety sewage treatment plants with such a fourth purification stage. The money for it is worth it - it brings us a seven-mile step towards drinking water security Bavaria 2050.

V. Pillar 4: Appreciate water!

love Colleagues!

Now it’s only a little bit psychologisch and then a little paedagogic. Because water is not just something that is stored or distributed. Water and water landscapes are Balm for a healthy body and a fresh mind.
After jogging the cool water.
Bathing in the lake.
The walk along the river through the meadow landscape.
And then there is this great story of hydraulic engineering and water supply in Bavaria. From the Fossa Carolina via the canals in Augsburg - a UNESCO World Heritage Site! - up to the Danube-Main crossing.
All of this is water. And we have to do all of this again get more into our brains and hearts!

That's why I'm going to be one Awareness campaign "Wasserland Bavaria" start. We will Water ambassador win who have an international reputation. Intended at the heart of the offensive a new "house of water" become. A research, education and meeting center, open to all citizens. I would particularly like to bring the schools closer to this topic again. The children know what a Roman aqueduct looked like and have already been to the Blue Grotto on Capri. But they often don't know where our water comes from today. In times of Corona, adults worry less about their water than about toilet paper.

I want to close this gap in knowledge and awareness. And you leaves also close, especially with children. In my entire life I have never seen a child who does not find water exciting. The "House of Water" should therefore have a radiance that leaves traces. It should interest the children. Then fascinate. And motivate in the end - for a walk to the stream or river in front of your own front door. Bringing people back closer to their livelihoods: This will succeed if we start early and do it well. The awareness campaign “Wasserland Bayern” will make a strong contribution to this.

This encounter with water also has another effect: We get the water out of the natural trap - always there, never scarce. And thereby motivate for economical use. Each of us uses 130 liters a day - that's just too much. Even more important is the so-called virtual water that is in our consumer goods - food, clothing. 4,000 liters of hidden water per day and per person. 4,000 liters!

We can only, no, meet this enormous need have to we meet through sustainability and respect. In order we eat what we have in the fridge. And only buy what we need.
Because: Saving water means conserving resources.
Conserving resources means living responsibly.
Living responsibly means securing a good future. And that is exactly our goal.

VI. Pillar 5: Thinking about water as a whole!

love Colleagues!

Rethinking water, that means thinking about water as a whole. A good water manager is like water itself - the borders of 16 federal states are not his framework. That’s a good thing. Thinking on a national scale is already a matter of course when it comes to flood protection. We want it for the topic of "water" a total of establish.

What is important to me: we always need one regional Water supply that works. The most important of all ten commandments for me is therefore the eleventh: You should leave the water supply in municipal hands. And: we have to in terms of water protection as a free state do our best. But where we reach our limits, must also the Bund to become active.

Therefore, in addition to our country strategy, we need one National water strategy. I am glad that the National Water Dialogue also came to this conclusion. The deliberations are now over. The federal government has announced the strategy for next year.

In the Conference of Environment Ministers I will campaign for the right content: We need a similar to the National Flood Protection Program national water protection program with a hefty financial package. We can get faster and better if we have the federal government behind us structurally and financially. I promise you: We will contribute our entire expertise to the discussion on this topic.

VII. Courage for the future: For the water billion!

love Colleagues!

The "Water Future Bavaria 2050" is a generation project. We set the course for tomorrow today. We make the water state Bavaria fit for the future.

This future is not in vain. But one thing is certain: we are still getting the best price today.
We need the Bavarian water billion.
We need the staff too.
And above all we need these staff again in the plane. In the past we dismantled instead of built up. Now we see: A climate factor for the water management staff of at least twenty percent would not only be wise, but also necessary.

We have to start now, advertise, train. The market is empty. Research, planning, consulting, construction, maintenance: we need professionals to whom we can entrust the future. In whose hands we put our blue gold. Who are deeply filled in thoughts, words and works of what this country is all about: its unique beauty. And be incredible wealth of natural resources.

love Colleagues!

Fifty years ago, our predecessors decided to found the first environment ministry in Europe here in this room.
In front their prudence I take off my hat.
And their foresight makes me amazed.

My appeal is: Let us acknowledge our responsibility.
As a parliament, let us work together and in partnership on the major environmental challenges of our time.
Let's work on the great goal of "The future of water in Bavaria 2050".
Regardless of the party.
Without claim to higher wisdom or moral superiority.

We have a responsibility that goes beyond any party-political category. We are all the advocates of the number one resource of life.
Water isn't just food.
Water is life!


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