Why are LG phones considered audiophile

For audiophiles. The new LG V30 top smartphone.

The new LG V30 will be officially presented shortly. In order to increase the tension, LG is spreading further details on its new top smartphone. The LG V30 comes with audio functions that have never been seen before on a smartphone.

With these functions, users can easily adapt the sound to their individual preferences. LG worked with some of the world's most experienced audio professionals to create the perfect mobile device for audiophiles, the LG V30.

32 bit quad digital / analog converter

LG already used a HiFi Quad digital / analog converter (digital-to-analog converter: DAC) in the previous model of the V30. A 32-bit Advanced HiFi Quad DAC now works in the V30, which uses the SABER ES9218P chip from ESS Technology. The system offers two new features: digital filters and sound presets. LG's original HiFi Quad DAC was already optimized to deliver HiFi sound as close as possible to the original by minimizing distortion and white noise. The Advanced HiFi Quad DAC now also offers more options for personal sound adjustment.

Digital filters are usually only available in expensive digital players. They improve the pre- and post-ringing of the impulse response and can be adapted to the personal preferences of the listener. To develop the sound presets, LG engineers studied the characteristics of popular sounds and identified the best sound combinations to provide four optimal sound presets: enhanced, detailed, live & bass. V30 users can enjoy largely the same high-quality sound as consumers who use expensive headphones, even if they only have basic equipment at their disposal.

The HiFi Quad DAC controls the right and left audio signals separately from each other and adjusts the balance in such detail that the listener feels put in the middle of the concert hall. LG has succeeded in reducing the degree of distortion to 0.0002 percent. The less information is lost when converting the digital data to an analog sound wave, the clearer the sound is. The data rate for audio processing in the V30 is higher than ever. So it can handle large, high quality audio files without delay and with greater accuracy.

LG also uses technology from its partner MQA Ltd. in the V30. a. This enables high-resolution audio streaming, the next major trend in mobile music playback. By combining the Quad DAC in the V30 with MQA's technology, music lovers can enjoy high quality sound without having to download large files or consume large chunks of their mobile data package.

In addition, the V30's HD audio recorder offers the option of using the smartphone's audio receiver as a microphone at the same time (Receiver-as-a-Mic: RAM). The RAM can also pick up loud sounds clearly. This means that the V30 can record a wider range of sounds without distortion, from whispers to thunderstorms.

With the V30, LG is also continuing its close collaboration with B&O PLAY. B&O PLAY has fine-tuned the audio signal processing of the V30 and added its own exclusive touch to the sound experience. The V30 comes with high-quality B&O PLAY headphones for hours of stylish music enjoyment.