What a good excuse

Stylish apology

  • Speak in the first person and express your (hopefully previous) self-awareness. For example: “I broke your trust by talking about your relationship with the boss behind your back in the company. I know that I hurt you very much and that my behavior is almost inexcusable. But I still want to tell you how sorry I am. "

  • Also express your own dismay. Explain that this “I'm sorry” also affects you in the sense of “suffering”, that you have suffered a lot from the disturbed relationship and your stupid act.

  • Try to come up with a plausible explanation for your actions. If you have not succeeded in clarifying this point in your preliminary considerations, the best thing to do is to admit it honestly: “With the best will in the world, I don't know why I could act so stupidly. Maybe I wanted to make myself important? In any case, I did not consider the scope of my actions and behaved impossibly towards you. "

  • Also express your regret that your stupidity did not stop and that you cannot undo it: “I would give a lot if I could take back the careless sentences and undo the incident. But I can't do that, as sorry as I am. I can only hope that you will accept my apology and that we can find our good relationship again. "

  • Link your request for forgiveness with a promise that a breach of trust will not happen again.

  • Rest assured that if you fail to keep this promise, further excuses will “go nowhere”.