What are some good J rock bands


RE: German J-Rock bands?
So I think J-Rock can only come from Japan. A German J-Rock band can never convey the feelings in their "authenticity" as is the case with the original.

Of course, a German band could be inspired by Visual Kei or J-Rock, such as CINEMA BIZARRE, which is completely legitimate, but when I see and hear J-Rock or Visual Kei, I want to see and hear Japanese people. For me, the style of music is inextricably linked to ethnic origin and cultural background.

I now claim to know a wide range of Japanese rock bands, "D", AND Eccentric Agent, MEJIBRAY, DIO Distraught Overlord, The GazettE, KIRIYU, NEGA, -OZ-, DIAURA, ROYZ, DESPAIRS RAY, GIRUGĂ„MESH, DIR EN GRAY, AN CAFE, etc.

For me personally, J-Rock sounds completely different to European rock music. Even if J-Rock and Visual Kei may have developed or influenced from European Rock and Metal influences, the Japanese have nevertheless made something of their own out of it. X-Japan with their album "Blue Blood" can probably be seen as the beginning of the scene or style in 1981, even if the band does not see themselves as the cornerstone of this scene and see themselves influenced by Aerosmith and Kiss.

Just take songs like "CODE B" by AND Eccentric Agent, "Gesshoku" by MEJIBRAY, "The King of Darkness" by D.

If you compare the compositions with rock in Europe, the difference is huge.

J-Rock sounds completely different to rock in Europe, even if it is influenced by global bands. Anyone who hears one of the bands I have mentioned for the first time, if they have an ear for good compositions, must say, "I've never heard anything like that before"

Now I don't want to talk about bands like Tokio Hotel, who have only adopted the visual appearance as a stylistic device in order to sell more CDs. Listen, you don't do anything from them anyway and the music is far from the actual quality of Visual Kei and J-Rock. And I don't even want to hear Japanese singing from them.

German bands that perform in the VK or JR style swim in most cases just on the euphoric wave.

The German fan scene itself only wants to see its Japanese heroes anyway and fortunately nothing will change that.

European or German VK bands, define themselves purely through the optical aspect. The fact that the inclined VK or JR fan has higher demands, due to his musical experience with JAPANESE bands, will be a guarantee that ONLY VK and JR, who come from Japan, will be taken seriously.

My opinion!