What is meant by traffic in SEO

Website traffic / traffic

definition: Website traffic or user traffic is the number of visits to a website within a certain period of time. If the multiple visits by a single visitor are combined into a single visit within this period of time, a special form of taffic results which measures the number of different visitors, namely unique visitors.


The amount of website traffic can be a critical success factor represent. This is especially the case when the website in question is used as part of the company's marketing mix. The higher the traffic, the higher the absolute percentage of visitors who are interested in a product or service. A central task of search engine optimization (SEO) is precisely to increase the website traffic of a website, e.g. B. by the Generate new visitors.

Traffic sources

Understanding where your visitors are from is important. You can use this Conclusions Find out which previous traffic-increasing measures have been successful and where you can still improve. Here is the percentage of visitors per source different for each website and website type.

Google Analytics shows in Acquisition report the sources of the traffic:

  • Direct are direct visits to the website. The visitor has entered the web address of the page in the address line.
  • Organic Search includes all search engines and search services such as Google, Bing or Google image search. Anyone who came to the website via organic search has previously clicked on a search result.
  • Paid search and Display are sources for which the website operator has paid for advertising to appear in search engines or partner networks. (More about advertising)
  • Referral are generally visits via external links. If a link (backlink) to your website is placed on another website and a visitor clicks on it, this will be counted as a referral visitor.
  • Social means traffic that comes from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, XING, YouTube etc.

This small overview already gives you indications as to which channels or sources you can invest more in.

Measure and understand website traffic

If you want to understand whether the traffic on your website is above, below or average, you would need to know how the traffic is in general in your Branch is. But it is difficult to find out because nobody would like to publish their numbers. One rough overview gives Hubspot. A study compares the traffic from different industries and company sizes. However, other tools can give you clues as to whether you can use your Traffic potential take advantage of: In the Google Webmaster Tools or the Search Console you can check the click rate (CTR). A higher CTR means more traffic. On the other hand, if the CTR is low, consider what could be the reasons search engine users are not clicking on your search results.

The important thing with traffic is that temporal dimension. Some companies have typical "lows" on the weekends because their customers are then not working. So it's important to understand when Your visitors come to your website.

It is also important that you do not have any "internal"Count traffic from yourself or employees. How you can filter this out with Google Analytics, you can find out here.

Increase website traffic

View your traffic from the different sources:

  • Direct traffic can hardly be influenced, because it comes from your Website known to the visitor is. A high level of awareness ensures high traffic here.
  • Around paid traffic To increase, you can put more money into your business Campaigns or more time in the Optimization of the ad texts stuck.
  • Traffic off Social media increase by you become active in these networks and Z. B. Share the content of your website there.
  • Referrer traffic can generally be increased if you more backlinks received from other websites.

We have written detailed articles on measures to increase traffic for you.

The organic traffic increase by you good content offer the search result (SERP snippet) with the search queries and the Search intention compare and adjust accordingly. You can also use for certain keywords high search volume specific Landing pages build that should attract your target audience.

Turn visitors into customers

Traffic alone is of no use to you if the visitors aren't too "Buy" your products. So you have to design your website in such a way that your visitors end up checking out or, for B. get to the contact form, in other words: That you have a Conversion achieve.

The percentage of user traffic that opts for an operational service is called Conversion rate (English Conversion Rate, CR).

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The following video gives tips on how to increase the traffic on a website: