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LGBTQ to Hear: These are the 5 best podcasts for the queer community

We need to talk! Or rather, listen when it comes to topics like diversity and queerness - especially for Pride Month! Fortunately, there are now an abundance of LGBTQ podcasts from queer people for queer people, their friends and supporters. Here are our fun, political, and erotic favorites! (Here you can find out everything about our big GQ campaign #PrideInside)

1. Yvonne & Berner

Together with Felicia Mutterer, the actor and presenter Jochen Schropp started a podcast on April 25th of this year on the topic of diversity: The range of topics that the two hosts deal with humorously and seriously ranges from the gay dating show “Prince Charming ”from the Pride movement to racism. We talked to the podcast newcomer Jochen Schropp about how he came up with the idea of ​​a diversity podcast, which topics he would like to deal with next and to what extent you have to let your pants down on LGBTQ podcasts yourself. (Also interesting: Celebrities from the LGBTQ community talk about their very own “Pride moment”)

GQ: Mr. Schropp, what is the name “Yvonne & Berner” all about?

Jochen Schropp: Yvonne was the name of my Zapf doll with long brown hair and a yellow dress, which I got for my birthday when I was ten. Berner is the nickname of my colleague Felicia Mutterer from childhood. A mixture of Bernhard and Werner. Feli wanted to be a boy. (Also Read: How To Start Your Own Podcast!)

After Jochen Schropp had not spoken about his private life for a long time, the presenter and actor came out as gay in 2018.

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How did you come up with the idea of ​​doing a podcast on the topic of diversity?

Felicia asked me for a spot on the jury of the Spotify “Sound Up” workshop last year. Here we sat together on the jury and honored queer podcast concepts. Months later we met again and decided to produce a podcast ourselves. It was important to me to do a podcast with substance. Journalistic, educational and entertaining. There are certainly easier and harder episodes, but something definitely sticks to the listener. (Read also: Russian gay photographer Vlad Zorin on his homoerotic art and the discrimination in his homeland)

How is the feedback on the podcast? Is there also a negative response?

There is still far too little response (laughs)! We are still at the very beginning and look forward to any support. So far, however, the reactions have been extremely positive. "You should sometimes be less of a fangirl" - I've heard that a lot. But we just love our guests. (Read also: How quarantine can help us to improve our self-image)

How do you decide which topics are currently relevant for your listeners?

Sometimes it has to be done very quickly. We had already planned an episode for the CSD / Pride when the protests began in the USA. It was important to me to do an episode on this topic and racism in general. So we produced an overarching episode and were able to raise awareness about parallels between the Stonewall protests and the “Black Lives Matter” movement and about racism at the same time.

What are the topics that are burning under your nails right now - that do not occur enough and that urgently need to be discussed in Germany?

What's going on in Europe? Poland has over 100 parishes that consider themselves LGBTQ + free zones. And in the USA too, political achievements, such as being allowed to adopt children as a homosexual couple, are being withdrawn. Is there really more backward movement than progress? (Also interesting: What connects Black Lives Matter and the Pride Movement - “It's about protest!”)

You also reveal some of your private life. Why is this important and where would the line run for youToo Much Information?

For my mother it was already too much informationfor me to talk about my relationship in episode 1. That would be nobody's business. I understand them, but I knew that I had to pull my pants down when I talked about certain topics. I also like this personal touch with the hosts of the podcasts that I listen to. Sometimes I bite my tongue and wonder if I should really say this now - but then it's too late and I couldn't shut up again. Let me put it this way: the border is fluid.

What special perspective do you bring with you as someone who has not spoken in public about his homosexuality for a long time?

I don't know if I have a special perspective. I've talked about it in my private life - that's why I don't know if it's anything else. In any case, I realize that I come from a different generation of queer people. I love how open our young society is and am always surprised how much it surprises me (laughs).

How are you celebrating Pride this year?

At home - with friends! But I'd like to throw a little party. Because of me, also at a distance in the park!

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2. Queer stuff

The renowned journalist and blogger Johannes Kram (Nollendorfblog) teamed up with the LGBTQ portal queer.de at the beginning of the year and started the podcast “Queerkram”. Kram, holder of the compass needle of the NRW gay network, one of the most important queer prizes in Germany, speaks to such exciting personalities as the gay comic artist Ralf König, the former taz editor-in-chief Ines Pohl or the playwright Falk Richter and the actor Jonas Dassler. The topics are no less diverse: from toxic masculinity to queer journalism to conspiracy theories and homophobic heads of state. In the last episode, Kram talked to singer Annie Heger about her experience as a lesbian Christian.

3. tail & honest

The name says it all: This is about sex, especially gay sex - and it's ruthlessly honest. The three Rhinelander Michael Overdick, Mirko Plengemeyer and Lars Tönsfeuerborn do not mince their words when they talk about threesomes, porn or what the perfect penis looks like - or the question of whether it even exists.

In the episode "We clean up!" The three deal with stereotypes about gay sex ("Who is the woman in your house?") and the gay community ("You don't just get fucked around?").

4. #QueerAsBerlin

This podcast already has the federal capital in its name. However, it is not primarily about the queer community in Berlin, but about topics that move the entire Federal Republic: politics, culture, economy and society - always from the perspective of the LGBTQ community. Most recently, the host, journalist Michael Mayer, hosted activist Nasser El Ahmad, who was outed as gay at the age of 15 and was supposed to be forcibly married by his family in Lebanon.

5. queue references

“For friends of shallow conversation. Two more or less queer people with more or less strange views. It's mostly about films or series and is mostly very gay ”, write the hosts Fabi and Isa about their podcast. This is of course a gross understatement, because when the two of them sit down on the microphone, they often also talk about more serious topics - for example, why mental illnesses are widespread in the LGBTQ community and the reasons for it. (Worth reading: Why the gay community needs a #MeToo debate)