What is a TDE file in Tableau

Tableau file types and folders

You can save your work in various Tableau-specific file types: workbooks, bookmarks, data file packages, data extracts, and data connection files. The individual file types are described below. For more information, see Saving Your Work.

  • Workbooks (.twb) - Tableau workbook files have a .twb file extension. Workbooks contain one or more worksheets and can also contain dashboards and stories.

  • Bookmarks (.tbm) - Tableau bookmarks files have a .tbm file extension. Bookmarks contain a single worksheet and are an easy way to quickly save your work. For more information, see the Saving a Bookmark (Link opens in a new window) section.

  • Workbook Packages (.twbx) - Tableau workbook packages have a .twbx file extension. A workbook package is a single zip file that contains a workbook and all of the supporting local file data and background images. This format is best for packaging the work for delivery to other users who do not have access to the original data. For more information, see Workbook Packages.

  • Extract (.hyper or .tde): Depending on the version in which the extract was created, Tableau extract files can have the filename extension .hyper or .tde. Extract files are a local copy of a subset or the entire data set. You can share these with others, use them offline, and use them to improve performance. For more information, see Extracting Data.

  • Data Source (.tds) - Tableau data source files have a .tds file extension. Data source files are shortcuts that you can use to quickly connect to original data that you use frequently. Data source files do not contain the actual data; they just contain the information necessary to connect to the actual data and any changes you have made to the actual data, such as changes to the actual data. B. Changing the default properties, creating calculated fields, adding groups, etc. For more information, see Saving Data Sources.

  • Data Source Packages (.tdsx) - Tableau data source package files have a .tdsx file extension. A data source package is a ZIP file that contains the data source file (.tds) described above and any local file information such as. B. contains extract files (.hyper or .tde), text files, Excel files, Access files and local cube files. Use this format to create a single file. You can then give this file to others who may not have access to the original data stored on your computer. For more information, see Saving Data Sources.

These files can be stored in the associated folders under the My Tableau Repository directory, which is automatically created in the My Documents folder when you install Tableau. You can also save your work files in other locations, such as: B. on the desktop or in a network directory.

Change the repository location

You can specify a new location for the Tableau repository if you don't want to use the default location in the Documents folder. If you have the data z. For example, if you need to keep it on a network server instead of your local computer, you can specify the path to the remote repository for Tableau.

  1. Choose File> Repository Location.

  2. In the Select Repository Folder dialog box, select a new folder to use as the new location for the new repository.

  3. Restart Tableau for the new repository to take effect.

Changing the repository location does not move files in the original repository. Instead, Tableau creates a new repository to store the files in.