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Here you have named the tutorial for the LbL method or the beginner method! The best thing to do is to read the text tutorial once, and if you don't fully understand it, then watch the video tutorial again!
Good luck and have fun!

This method is called the LbL method (Layer by Layer) and consists of 7 steps.
Virtually every beginner starts with this method (or a similar variation).
For this tutorial you have to master the basic notation!

1st step: white cross

First you should form a white cross, making sure the edges are in the right place. That means, for example, that you also position the white-blue edge between the white and blue center stone! It is best to try this intuitively.
I also say the white cross because you should choose a side and then always start with that side. You can solve the cube even if you have chosen a different side as the "start page", but this tutorial is designed for the white side. If the curb stones are still tilted incorrectly after positioning in their place, then you can tilt them with the following algorithm: (the areas that are still unimportant at this moment are marked in gray)
F 'U L' U '

2nd step: corners of the 1st level

Now you should fill in the corners to complete the 1st level. To do this, turn a corner, which has a white sticker area, under the point where it should go (by turning the lower level, here the yellow level, i.e. the level with the yellow center stone).
Based on the alignment of the white sticker of the corner, you can now determine how to insert the corner correctly: Execute the appropriate algorithm:

With a little practice, you will be able to do these steps without these algorithms.

Annotation: If there are no corner stones with white on the lower level, but the 1st level has not yet been solved, then "pack" any stone from the lower level by executing any algorithm up to the first level. But not in a corner position where the corner is already right! (Then you have another corner with white in the lower level)

After this step, you need to turn the cube over so that the yellow side (the yellow center piece) is on top.

3rd step: fill 2nd level

When you have formed the first level, you have to turn the upper level (with the yellow center stone) so that an edge piece without yellow on F (front, i.e. the front level) forms a vertical line (overall a "T" just the wrong way round) ):
U 'L' U L U F U 'F'
U R U 'R' U 'F' U F

Annotation: If there are no more curb stones without yellow in the upper level, but the 2nd level has not yet been solved, then "tip" any stone from the yellow level with one of the two algorithms to where there is no real one, but an edge without yellow sits. (After that you have another edge without yellow in the upper level)

4th step: yellow cross

After you have solved the 2nd level, you now have to tilt the 4 curb stones on the last level so that their yellow sticker surface faces up. Concentrate on the rest of the curb stones, there are four cases:
  1. The yellow sticker area is not on top of any curb stone
  2. With two curb stones the yellow sticker area is on top and they are arranged "around the corner" (90 ° to each other)
  3. If there are two curb stones, the yellow sticker area is on top and they are arranged opposite one another ("in one line")
  4. The yellow sticker area is on top of all curb stones (finished)

Start with the step that describes the appearance of your cube at the moment and then carry out this and all of the following steps:

5th step: Arrange the curb stones of the yellow cross correctly

Now you have to turn the yellow layer so that two sticker surfaces on the sides of the edges match the sides (center stones) of your cube (red, blue, orange or green).
If these two edges are arranged "around the corner" (i.e. 90 ° to each other), then skip step 1, otherwise do both: (hold the cube so that the correct edge stones are arranged as in the pictures, i.e. either front and back or right and back)

Step 6: Position the corners correctly

Now all you have to do is loosen the corners. To do this, you first have to put it in the right position. How they are twisted into one another does not yet matter. It is important that one corner has the colors of the 3 adjacent center stones, because only then is it in the right place! If no corner is in the right position yet, just run one of the following algorithms once. After that, you will have at least one correctly positioned corner.
(The "R" stands for the right corner)
R U 'L' U R 'U' L U
L 'U R U' L U R 'U'
Simplified: just remember one of the two algorithms and then execute it twice if necessary!

7th step: turn corners correctly

When all corners are in the right position, all you have to do is rotate them and the cube is ready. Use the following algorithm to turn the corners. To do this, you have to hold the cube so that the corner you want to turn is front / right / top.
Keep running the algorithm until the corner is correct. Then you just rotate (!) The yellow (top) layer until the next wrongly rotated corner is front / right / top and run the algorithm again until this corner is correct. Then turn the yellow layer again until the next wrongly turned corner is on the front right ... And so on, until the cube is solved!

Annotation: During this step, the cube will look disastrous in between, but don't let that confuse you! Because whenever you have executed the algorithm 6 times, the rest will be correct again. So the corners can be rotated correctly with 0, 6 or 12 executions of the algorithm:

R 'D' R D

Congratulations, your cube should now be solved!
if not, it was probably just a little twist, just try again;)

»Many thanks to Nerogar (forum username) for this text tutorial! Last revised: October 2nd, 2010

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