Is buying exotic cars an investment?

You should know that Tips for buying a car: cult cars and exotic cars

The other exotics: dream cars

Exotic is usually translated as "rare" and "exceptional". There are still automakers today who are little known and make relatively few cars. These include British companies such as Lotus and Morgan, but also German subsidiaries of the big car names such as Alpina and AMG. Cars of these brands are almost unaffordable when new, but quite affordable as used cars.

In order to be happy with such collector's and collector's items, you either need your own expertise or a workshop specializing in these brands (and even better, the respective models!). Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this category of car can be called "inexpensive" when it comes to maintaining the vehicle. Euros and cents are not everything in connection with automobiles, there is also the so-called "fun dividend", which you can read in the driver's eyes after every trip.

However, this is usually only paid out after a significant investment in the vehicle.

And what about "cult cars"?

"Cultic" admiration experience car models, which were already bestsellers in their "lifetime" and were either driven by a large number of people or would have liked to be driven as dream cars. Or a car becomes a "cult car" when it has won victories on the rally and racing tracks of the world and still (at least in theory) can park in front of the doors of the houses in the suburbs.

An example of this is the Peugeot 205 GTI, which dominated the "Paris-Dakar" rally for some time, and of course the evergreen Porsche 911, which has already won almost every four-wheeled competition for best times.

Similar to the Peugeot 205 GTI is its role model from Germany, the Golf GTI. In 1976, this model was the first compact car that could be moved like a sports car and can be considered the forefather of an entire vehicle category.