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Scotland has a bad reputation, especially when it comes to weather and cuisine. I was taught better during my last short trip to Edinburgh and the Black Isle in the Highlands. Here are my five tips for having a great time in Scotland!

Learn English again
Even my friend, who is a native of England, often has trouble understanding the Scottish dialect. That was a little consolation to me, because sometimes I didn't understand a word of what my friendly counterpart replied. But do not despair: over time you can hear yourself in the Scottish singsong and understand it better and better. So it can be worthwhile to learn some Scottish English every day in preparation for your trip, for example by listening to Scottish radio. What you can learn right now in relation to English in Scotland is the word “wee”. While this word is associated with a body fluid in the rest of the kingdom, in Scotland it means "small".

fish and seafood
Despite Jamie Oliver's efforts, English cuisine has still had a bad name and, admittedly, weird dishes. Personally, I find it unjustified, because you can be unlucky anywhere in the world and get bad food. I ate excellent in Scotland! Above all, seafood is hardly anywhere else there, it is mostly fresh and straight from the area. Clam fans should definitely visit the “Mussel & Steak Bar” on the beautiful Grassmarket. The mussel pots are incredibly tasty and comparatively inexpensive!
In addition to mussels, seafood lovers should try Scottish salmon (salmon), clams (scallops) and kippers (kippers) - often served for breakfast!




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Explore Edinburgh
Of course there is a lot to see in Scotland. In my experience, however, it is worthwhile to select a few places in advance of the trip and get to know them properly than to move on every day and only see all places superficially. For Edinburgh, for example, you should plan at least two to three days. The capital of Scotland has so much to offer! In addition to numerous interesting museums (I recommend the "Writer's Museum"), galleries such as the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art are also worth a visit (most of them are free!). The "Royal Mile" is an absolute must: It is located in the heart of the city and leads from Edinburgh Castle to Parliament, past many great churches, other sights and of course pubs! From "Arthur’s Seat", a 250m high hill in the middle of the city, you have a wonderful view over Edinburgh. The 30-minute climb is worth it!

Dolphins on the Black Isle
Even without its famous visitors, the Black Isle in the Highlands would be worth a trip: the whole peninsula is incredibly picturesque! And the dolphins that come to eat daily in the bay of Fortrose and Rosemarkie make this place very special.

We stayed at Fortrose's campsite for three days - including a sea view! Every time we've walked along the beach to the point where the currents are particularly favorable for hunting and eating, we've seen dolphins! Up to eight animals at a time. I didn't want to believe it beforehand, but they were really there and enchanted me with the well-known "dolphin effect"!

Breathe in the highland air
Ever since the legendary film "Highlander" starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, everyone is familiar with the Scottish Highlands. Now the Highlands extend over an area of ​​over 25,000km³ and we didn't really know where to start. In the end we spent a nice couple of days in the Cairngorms. The national park with its mountains and lakes is a popular holiday destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Due to its size, it is spread out nicely and we hardly met any other people on our hikes and discovery tours. I particularly remember a small “tearoom” (British equivalent of our cafés): The Potting Shed. What makes the tea room an insider tip are, in addition to the award-winning cakes, the lovingly designed tree nursery and nursery.

With this in mind, I wish everyone who is planning a trip to Scotland a wonderful time and hope that my tips have given us one or the other stimulus!




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