What is Ballb about?

What is spikeball? A first glimpse into the sport

Have you heard of Spikeball? Unusual but all the better. Most people don't know what to do with the term spikeball. But we are sure that this will change in the years to come. Why? Very easily.

Varied, fast and very active

Spikeball is a great sport that is growing in popularity and is spreading quickly. Increasingly more active players have a Spikeball ™ set and can therefore be found in the parks in Germany. The spread is simply explained.

Spikeball is

  • quick to learn (Spikeball in 30 seconds),
  • makes a lot of fun,
  • offers a lot variety and
  • challenges the whole body, motor skills and the brain out.

And playing a few rounds of spikeball in the park with friends or family on a warm day is a dream for all sports enthusiasts.

What is the Spikeball about

In spikeball, 2 teams compete against each other. Each team consists of 2 players. In the middle of the playing field (there are no drawn borders or lines) there is a small trampoline-like net. The spikeball (a small yellow ball) must be hit on the net. However, 3 touches may take place within the team before the ball has to touch the net again. By touching the net, the ball control passes to the other team. This must accept the ball and set up a new attack.

You can find all the rules for the Spikeball here.

Buy spikeball set

Would you like to buy a spikeball set for yourself, your friends, your partner, your family or for any other purpose? Then just take a look at the Spikeball Shop. There you will find the Spikeball ™ Set, the Spikeball ™ PRO Set and further information and accessories. And if you are not sure whether one or the other set is the right one for your purposes, then take a look at our reviews of the Spikeball Sets. There we explain the differences between the articles. Then you will know which of the sets is right for you or the person to be gifted.

But what is Spikeball now?

The name Spikeball has only been around since 2008. In that year the company Spikeball started selling sets for playing and in this context marketed the name Spikeball. The sport is based on the basic principles of volleyball. The trampoline is essential for the game (like the net in volleyball). And everything revolves around this trampoline (in the truest sense of the word). 360 degrees, no borders, no lines, no halves of the playing field. Everything belongs to everyone. Everyone can be anywhere. An orderly chaos.

Spikeball is a wild hunt for the trampoline with a compact footprint. Ideal for the park. And ideally suited as a sport with friends. You can also find a lot more information about Roundnet / Spikeball on Wikipedia.

A sport that you should definitely try if you haven't already.