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The term “Domain Authority” is a key figure from MOZMetrics, a web analytics software from the online marketing company MOZ. The founder of MOZ is Rand Fishkin, one of the most famous search engine optimizers worldwide. Due to the great influence of the MOZ blog on the SEO scene, the term Domain Authority coined by MOZ is now often referred to synonymously with Domain Popularity.

Background [edit]

After it was founded in Seattle in 2004, the SEO consulting company MOZ has grown steadily. One of the big goals at MOZ is to make predictions about the ranking on Google and other search engines. With the so-called "MOZMetrics", a network of various analysis tools, MOZ has been offering its customers tools for web analysis since 2005. The MOZ Domain Authority is one of the KPIs that is collected from this data.

How it works [edit]

The MOZ Domain Authority is determined by its own algorithms and metrics, which are calculated and set up by the MOZ team. According to the company, "dozens" of factors play a role in calculating the domain authority[1]. Using machine learning, algorithms are created that best match the rankings of many thousands of other websites. Thus, one could claim that when calculating the domain authority, an attempt is made to mathematically understand the Google ranking. After entering the desired domain, the user receives a result that tells him how close he is to the "optimal" website.

A scale from 1 to 100 is used to evaluate a website using the MOZ Domain Authority, with 100 being the optimal value. The scale has a logarithmic structure. This means that it is easier to improve your score between 20 and 30 than between 90 and 100.

The domain authority always refers to an entire domain with all its subpages. This metric is offset by the Page Authority, which determines the SEO value of a single website in a domain. Those who use MOZMetrics can use the Domain Authority as one of four key figures specially developed by MOZ for web analysis.

Applications [edit]

In conjunction with the chargeable MOZMetrics, the MOZ Domain Authority can be checked as an individual tool for a fee and compared with other websites. With the free Open Site Explorer from MOZ, the domain authority can also be determined with less data. Alternatively, users can also install the free MOZ toolbar. This feature can also be used to determine the domain authority of a website.

Benefits for SEO [edit]

The MOZ Domain Authority is one of many different key figures such as domain popularity or "visibility" that SEOs can support in their daily web analysis. As with any SEO tool, when using the MOZ Domain Authority it is important that the key figures are not only collected selectively, but also over a longer period of time and comparatively. Because only by changing important numbers and comparing them with other websites does the domain authority gain in importance.

In addition to measuring the “strength” of your own website, the domain authority can also be used to assess the strength of incoming links. This key figure is therefore often used in link building.

It is important to know that a high domain authority is not yet a sure guarantee of actually high Google rankings, but rather an approximation that suggests possible good rankings.

References Edit]

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