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The blood pressure rises, the heart muscle spasms, the heart beats harder and the breath becomes shallow. In the long term, anxiety and panic attacks can now also develop.

Increase your magnesium intake in certain life situations

Anyone who is ill, who is expecting a baby or who is breastfeeding, who is in a particularly stressful situation, who is still growing or who is in a recovery phase, needs a lot of magnesium and should adjust their diet accordingly or consider high-quality food supplements.

How can you recognize a magnesium deficiency?

Since magnesium is involved in countless body functions and metabolic processes, a deficiency can also trigger countless symptoms. These symptoms are rarely associated with chronic magnesium deficiency. The best-known symptoms of magnesium deficiency are of course muscle cramps (calf cramps), headaches or the sudden twitching of the eyelids.

However, if there is a magnesium deficiency, migraines, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia and osteoporosis can be favored or intensified.

Many people with type 2 diabetes also suffer from magnesium deficiency. If they ensure a better supply of magnesium, the insulin resistance often decreases. High blood pressure, tooth decay, infertility, impotence, arteriosclerosis, obesity and cardiac arrhythmias can also be signs of a magnesium deficiency.

How can you diagnose a magnesium deficiency?

Since all of the symptoms mentioned can of course also have other causes, you should play it safe and have a magnesium deficiency confirmed with a simple blood test. To do this, the magnesium content in whole blood should be examined, not - as is usually the case - in serum. For more information, see our article on diagnosing mineral deficiencies.

How can you remedy a magnesium deficiency?

Magnesium deficiency can be remedied in two ways, which can also be easily combined with one another:

  1. You can remedy your magnesium deficiency with a specific diet rich in magnesium
  2. You can remedy your magnesium deficiency with a magnesium preparation that is suitable for you and individually selected

1. Eliminate magnesium deficiency with a diet rich in magnesium

With our current, actually excellent supply situation with food from all regions of the world, covering the magnesium requirement through diet alone would theoretically not be a problem at all and we could stock up on foods particularly rich in magnesium, such as B. amaranth, quinoa, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables and almonds.

However, many people eat them far too seldom. Either because they are too exotic for them or because they are too high in calories. The latter would not be a problem if the corresponding products were properly incorporated into the daily menu.

After all, you do not eat these in addition, but simply replace inferior and usually also very low-magnesium products such as. B. finished products, industrially manufactured sweets, baked goods made from white flour, etc.

Here are a few examples: Eat a spread made from sunflower seeds instead of cheese or sausage, use home-made almond milk instead of cow's milk more often, snack on energy balls made from nuts, almonds and dried fruit instead of conventional sweets or snack on bread made from seedlings instead of crispbread, etc.

You can find out how you can specifically remedy your magnesium deficiency with the right diet here: Remedying magnesium deficiency with the right diet

A magnesium overdose is not possible with a diet rich in magnesium.

2. Eliminate magnesium deficiency with dietary supplements

Magnesium requirements should not be met with dietary supplements alone. After all, the above-mentioned diet not only provides magnesium, but also many other vital substances, all of which are necessary for a healthy life and for the prevention and healing of existing ailments.

In addition, however, a dietary supplement can help very well to achieve the required amount of magnesium. We have explained here how you can find the right magnesium supplement for you: The best magnesium supplements.

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