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Batteries can be connected in series or in parallel! One speaks of parallel connection or a series connection (series connection) of batteries

Here we answer the frequently asked questions about connecting batteries

Please note the following!

A parallel connection or a series connection should only be carried out if it is essential, whereby it is essential to ensure the same capacity, the same design, the same state of charge, the same age and, best of all, that the batteries are from the same batch. It is always advantageous to install a large battery (e.g. 1x 200Ah as 2x 100Ah) instead of two small batteries. It is therefore more advantageous to install a large battery instead of two small batteries, as an old battery could possibly be interconnected with a new battery when replacing it! Furthermore, it can happen that after a while one of the interconnected batteries weakens and the batteries that are still “good” pull down!


We often get the question: "How should my batteries be connected if the capacity but not the voltage should be doubled?"
Or if the voltage should not double the capacity!

Parallel connection - total capacity doubles

In the parallel connection, the capacity (Ah) of the battery doubles while the voltage (V) remains the same.

This is used in applications like laptop batteries, some scooters, some UPS backups, or solar batteries. Use a wire jumper between the positive poles of both batteries and another wire jumper between the negatives of both batteries. Connect your positive and negative leads to the same battery to run your application.

Example: 2 100AH ​​12V batteries each result in 200AH 12V when connected in parallel


Series connection (series connection) - total sum of the number of volts doubles

When you connect your batteries in series, the voltage (V) doubles while maintaining the same nominal capacity (Ah).

This could be used in a scooter, RV, children's vehicle, or other applications. Just use a jumper wire between the negative of the first battery and the positive of the second battery. The total voltage [V] can then be tapped from the remaining free poles.

Example: You use 2 pieces of 100Ah 12V batteries each and after the series connection (series connection) you get 100Ah 24V.

For batteries (24 volts) connected in series, we recommend installing a compensation charger (e.g. Loadchamp LCAS5). Since the batteries tend to adjust to one another, the "better" of the "worse" would also deteriorate in the case of different states of the used batteries. To avoid this, the equalizing charger ensures that the individual battery voltages are balanced.


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