Who founded the Federal Reserve Bank

The creation of the Federal Reserve System in the United States

Fischer, Nicolas (2013) The creation of the Federal Reserve System in the United States.
Master thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of historical and cultural studies
Supervisor: Owner, Peter

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Probably the best-known central bank in the world, the American Federal Reserve System, is a symbol of an economic dominance that is sometimes felt to be overwhelming and a target for protests and criticism. Amazingly, these attacks on the Federal Reserve System are not a contemporary phenomenon, but rather are deeply rooted in American financial and banking history. Because even before the founding of the United States, the conflict over the creation of an American central bank began, which can be traced to this day. This story begins even before the British colonies of the time gained their independence, adopted a constitution and became the United States of America. Because as early as 1781, the Continental Congress approved the establishment of the Bank of North America, the first central bank on the North American continent and the oldest forerunner of today's Federal Reserve System. This was followed by around 130 years of debate, of varying intensity, about banking in the United States in general and the role of an American central bank in particular. This work traces the history of the development of the Federal Reserve System, from the colonial beginnings to the signing of the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913. In addition to the economic details, the political debates that accompanied the various attempts to establish an American central bank are discussed in particular . In view of the deep-seated distrust of the Americans in relation to powerful institutions, the question arises as to how the historic decision came about to adopt the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913, and thereby enable the establishment of a permanent central bank in the United States? And why did it ultimately take almost 130 years and three failed attempts to arrive at this historic decision on December 23, 1913?

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Creation of the Federal Reserve System

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Document Type: University thesis (master thesis)
Author:Fischer, Nicolas
Title:The emergence of the Federal Reserve System in the United States
Subtitle:from colonial beginnings to 1914
Circumference:76 pp.
Institution:University of Vienna
Faculty:Faculty of historical and cultural studies
Publication year:2013
Language:ger ... German
Supervisor:Owner, Peter
Assessor:Owner, Peter
Classification:15 History> 15.09 Economic History
AC number:AC10893883
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