Can someone get rid of drugs

What to do when friends are on drugs

When your friends use drugs, your friendship can change and suffer. You notice that your friends are behaving differently and you worry about them. You see yourself intoxicated less often or often, and you are unsure how to deal with the situation.

Most of the time it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to stop someone from using drugs. Also, keep in mind that not all drug use is the same, and usage patterns differ. Drug use does not always cause serious problems.

In any case, you should address your concerns and fears and not keep them to yourself "for the sake of friendship".

Some tips that can help you:

  • Before you start a conversation, think about what you would like to address.
  • Talk to him / her in a sober state.
  • Talk openly about your worries and fears.
  • Show the other person an interest in themselves, not just in their problems. Make it clear how important friendship is to you - but not at any cost.
  • If you have disagreements, be sure to be factual.
  • Say directly and without hesitation what you will not go along with.
  • Dare to speak up if you have the impression that your boyfriend or girlfriend needs help. If you want, you can offer accompaniment to a drug counseling center.
  • Only when the person realizes that they have a problem or that they want to change something about their drug use is they ready to be helped and to take action.
  • There are no "tricks" to convince someone not to use drugs.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, you can get support and advice from someone you trust or from a drug counselor.
  • Here you can find addresses of drug advice centers from all over Germany


What shouldn't you do

  • Don't be persuaded to try drugs yourself. You should be clear about your boundaries and confidently represent your stance on drug use.
  • Avoid forcing your friends to do anything or telling them what to do, otherwise they can become defensive and withdraw.
  • Don't accept excuses for bad behavior under the influence of drugs.
  • Don't lie for your girlfriend / boyfriend.
  • Don't blame your boyfriend / girlfriend. That only leads to resistance and distrust. Stay factual and friendly.
  • Never threaten consequences that you cannot meet, otherwise you will no longer be taken seriously by your friends.