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The PeopleSoft human resource management system

The PeopleSoft human resource management system provides comprehensive information about the company organization and its employees. These can be defined from a local and global perspective. With the PeopleSoft software solution, a company can make better decisions, reduce costs and consistently support personnel processes on the basis of a well-founded information base.

PeopleSoft includes local and global functionalities in the products:

  • Human resource management
  • Benefits administration
  • Pension Administration
  • Payroll
  • Billing integration

PeopleSoft human resource management

PeopleSoft Personnel Management enables direct and detailed access to specifically relevant information.

Personnel tasks and business processes are, as all manufacturers claim of their software, "quickly adapted and easily automated". The requirements for positions within the company can be defined, "ideal" employees can be searched for (profile comparison) and the "career" of the employee can be traced.

Features of PeopleSoft Personnel Management:

  • Realization of operational requirements in the global systemthat are specific to a country or region

  • Competence managementto identify qualifications or competencies, analyze them and compare them with employees, teams, activities or positions

  • Administration and tracking of variable salary bonuses from various bonus programs in order to achieve strategic business goals through employee motivation

PeopleSoft offers complete support for all HR areas from HR and job management, skills management to recruiting, training, time management, career and succession planning, income management and bonuses, deployment management, reporting regulations and occupational safety. All areas are integrated so that all employee data can be called up immediately, even if information from another area is required at short notice.

Human resource management

With PeopleSoft Personnel Management, all relevant personnel master data for newly hired and already employed employees is maintained.

In the event of a change of activity, all activity data is shown historically. For Germany, the job codes given by the Federal Employment Agency can be used.

The number of address lines can be determined individually in order to meet the country-specific name and address format. The states of the individual countries are stored in the predefined tables.

The prescribed DEVO / DÜVO designations for German prefixes and additions as well as titles are automatically taken into account when entering names.

Job management

With PeopleSoft Job Management, all or only selected positions can be mapped. A detailed description can be stored for each position so that open positions are automatically recognized and employees are assigned to positions. In addition, budgets can be created for activity data, positions or departments.

Competence management

PeopleSoft Competency Management compares requirements for a position, activity or task with the respective employee competencies. Employees are supported in their career planning, and competencies, teams, activities and positions are compared, connected and related to one another. The profile of an employee is determined by the specific qualification requirements. By integrating the individual modules of competence management, career, succession and further training planning, the skills of employees can be expanded, strengths and weaknesses better assessed and their actual talents expanded or new ones acquired, says the manufacturer.


PeopleSoft Recruiting is applicant management. In the manufacturer's jargon, this means: "helps to attract qualified candidates as employees". The individual steps of the application processing can be tracked, analyzed and designed up to the point of recruitment.

The PeopleSoft workflow functionality can be used to quickly forward the application documents to the appropriate processor. Job advertisements are created and suitable internal and external candidates are proposed. The remaining correspondence is generated automatically by the system. The PeopleSoft kiosk system is used to advertise jobs on the Internet.

Appointments can be arranged and the results can be followed. You should always have a good overview of the applicant status and recruitment costs.

As an additional functionality, application documents can be read electronically using a scanner. When a candidate is hired, the data is automatically transferred to personnel management.

Education Management

PeopleSoft Training Management can be used to create training programs based on occupation and activity, and to define course requirements, information about courses, and training programs. You can create course assessments and track attendance reimbursements, as well as check rooms and course availability. In addition, a training budget can be created to track the training costs of the individual participants.

Time management

Here absenteeism is calculated taking into account work schedules and approved vacation requests.

With the help of a calendar, the user can get a complete overview of all absenteeism of any employee, for all employees or for a specific department.

Career and succession planning

In order to prepare employees for new tasks, comprehensive career plans for employee development are essential. The career and succession planning module is used to create career plans and set career goals for employees. Qualifications, special language skills as well as strengths and weaknesses of employees can be recorded and taken into account. Internal and external candidates in key positions can be easily identified through a graphic representation.

Income management and planning

Current salary data is maintained in the income management and planning module. Salaries customary in the market can be compared with the actual salaries. Tariffs and non-tariff income plans are created according to geographic specifications, currency or company.

Salaries are managed according to established rules - employees in a salary group can be paid in different currencies or in different payment installments for different functions. This also enables annual salary reviews, collective wage increases and anniversary bonuses.

    Variable services

    Variable services can be a large part of total compensation, such as sales reps who are often paid on commission. Various variable benefits - bonuses, shares, bonuses, commissions, allowances and free perks - are managed.

    Company car

    Company cars can be assigned to employees, whereby the individual costs and additional benefits are recorded. Data on the leasing company such as contact persons and address as well as data on the company car such as license plates, manufacturer and maintenance agreements are kept.

    Mission management

    The International Operations Management module ensures that all details are taken into account that are necessary for an employee to move quickly and easily. Several project assignments abroad can be processed, travel expenses assumed by the company can be entered and additional payments and deductions can be tracked.


A challenge for globally operating companies is compliance with country-specific occupational safety regulations.

Measures often have to be initiated, whereby the associated costs are to be reduced.

Occupational accidents of permanent or freelance employees can be recorded, processed and analyzed with the occupational safety module. Danger zones and sources for certain activities can be shown and tracked. Information about accidents, their examinations as well as work injuries and occupational diseases and their medical measures can be saved. This application also has a global interface that applies to all countries and from which country-specific information can be called up.

Legal requirements

Laws are complex and country-specific. The regional legal provisions functionality enables adaptation to the laws and regulations of the respective country.

In terms of data protection, the system can be set up in such a way that users only have access to the data that must be proven in the relevant country - with regard to religion, disability, health and occupational safety.

Information about disabled people also varies in individual countries and can therefore be tracked for each country. Salary and wage overviews must correspond to the respective state laws and the market value shown.

Social partners

The social partners application is used to collect and manage data relating to disciplinary measures, complaints from employees, works councils or trade unions.

This data can be useful, for example, to obtain works council approval, to record complaints from an employee or disputes in collective bargaining. If legal action has been taken against the company, an up-to-date overview of the steps taken will help defend against claims for damages.

Organizational charts

Organization charts that reflect the corporate structure can be created with PeopleSoft HRMS. The activity or department-related organizational structure is mapped with the help of the security or department hierarchies or trees of PeopleSoft Personnel Management.

Detailed diagrams for a specific department or the entire company can be created at the push of a button.


PeopleSoft offers a reporting system that "leaves nothing to be desired" in terms of performance and flexibility, says the manufacturer.

The PeopleSoft applications have a variety of query and reporting options made possible by the "powerful" reporting tools. This allows the reports that are available in the application to be adapted or new reports to be designed.

The database contains a wealth of data that must be recorded, managed and protected. With the reporting system, the required data can not only be summarized as required and on time, but also in an appealing and clear form. Required information can be called up from the database at any time and can be printed out in the most appropriate form for the user.

The reporting tools are easy to use. You don't need the help of a technical team to create your own reports. The required data should be available at all times.

The PeopleSoft personnel management system comes with a number of standard reports for a wide variety of personnel management tasks. Reports on accidents at work or occupational diseases, recruitment analyzes, job advertisements as well as overviews of new recruits and much more are created.

PeopleSoft Payroll

PeopleSoft offers several solutions for payroll.

  • PeopleSoft American Payroll addresses the companies that run internal payroll accounting for their workforce in the US and Canada.

  • PeopleSoft European Payroll includes France, Germany, the UK and Switzerland.

  • Other countries such as the Asia-Pacific region are supported by local billing solutions.

With the PeopleSoft interface to payroll, information is transferred from PeopleSoft personnel management to another payroll solution.

    PeopleSoft European Payroll

    With one application, PeopleSoft European Payroll can handle payroll in France, Germany and the UK. The reporting, the billing process and internal transfers can be simplified. Data for a pan-European administration is tracked quickly and accurately.

    Different currencies are supported at the same time:

    If employees from different countries are paid, they can be paid in the local currency or in another currency.

    The European payroll is euro-compatible. All exchange rates and amounts in any number of currencies, including euros, are saved for all billing aspects.

    The European payroll system adapts to every company structure and has flexible calculation rules as well as a comprehensive calculation of absenteeism. The accounting processes that meet the needs of the company can be set up so that the system only makes the appropriate calculations.

    PeopleSoft European Payroll is planned for 2000.

    PeopleSoft interface to payroll

    If the in-house payroll is to be retained, the PeopleSoft interface to payroll is an extremely flexible solution. PeopleSoft Personnel Management automatically collects salary and accounting data and exports it directly to the accounting system. Access to the accounting masks enables the accounting data to be checked online. The billing calculations can be made as often as necessary.

    The products Base Benefits (basic services), Benefits Administration (additional services), FSA Administration (FSA administration), Pension Administration (company pension administration), Time and Labor (time management) and Stock Administration (employee shares) are primarily intended for the North American market.

    Base Benefits

    More and more companies are offering their employees allowances and benefits in addition to basic pay, which can be very complicated to manage. A comprehensive, modern service program can be designed and implemented in order to keep the workload and costs for this low. PeopleSoft basic benefits include, for example, additional health insurance, insurance against accidents at work or disability.

    Thanks to our internet-based application, employees can view their selected benefit plans with complete data themselves on the intranet.

    Benefits administration (additional services)

    The PeopleSoft Additional Services solution includes, for example, “cafeteria plans” in which employees can choose the additional services themselves. It automates when and to whom additional benefits are due - for example after a change of function or a change in family status.

    Additional health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, additional days off or additional pension insurance can be set up.

    PeopleSoft Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) administration

    With PeopleSoft FSA Administration, for example, the workload for severely disabled employees can be calculated in advance. These costs are regulated internally via a specially set up account.

    PeopleSoft Company Pension Management

    Company pension schemes for employees, former employees or other beneficiaries are managed with PeopleSoft Company Pension Management. A variety of benefit plans can be offered, and data for rights, benefits, and evidence are automated and streamlined. Tax and social security calculations as well as flexible payment mechanisms are taken into account.

    PeopleSoft employee shares

    PeopleSoft Employee Stocks is a tool for creating stock savings plans. Any number of option plans and overviews can be set up and managed. This product is integrated with PeopleSoft Human Resource Management, Benefits, and Payroll.

PeopleSoft time management

Integrated with PeopleSoft Personnel Management, Benefits and Payroll, PeopleSoft Time Management enables accurate time recording. The user defines which information has to be taken into account in payroll, for example to calculate overtime, working time regulations, additional benefit entitlements and vacation and leisure time compensation.

The product includes the time-related requirements of a wide variety of business processes such as personnel controlling of total remuneration and additional services, project management, cost accounting, financial accounting, organizational administration and budgeting.

Attendance and absence times as well as shift schedules are mapped according to different patterns and time periods.

In accordance with the data protection guidelines, only individual employees can be accessed. Times can also be recorded via the Internet.