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Brazil is heading for a “mega-epidemic” : Bolsonaro is sabotaging the fight against Corona

Dozens of people are waiting for their idol in front of the Brazilian president's residence. They cheer when Jair Bolsonaro gets out of the car. Neither he nor his bodyguards wear masks.

Many of his fans don't think that's necessary either. Instead, they shake hands and take selfies. Some send greetings from their hometowns, people joke and laugh. On this sunny morning in Brasília, there is nothing to suggest that the country is heading for the most critical phase since the beginning of the pandemic. Experts are even warning of a devastating “mega-epidemic” with more than 2,000 deaths every day.

After the deadliest week in the pandemic to date, Brazil has registered another high in the corona deaths recorded in one day. 1972 people died within 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health in Brasília on Tuesday evening (local time). The previous maximum was 1910 dead last Wednesday after 1641 on Tuesday.

The situation is now worse than ever. The number of infected people is also increasing at an above-average rate in a global comparison.

Since the pandemic began, Brazil has recorded more than 268,000 Covid-19 deaths. In absolute terms, the country has the second highest death rate in the world after the USA. However, the death rate per million inhabitants is lower than that of many EU countries, such as Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain. However, experts point out that many poor Brazilians do not get tested and die of Covid-19 without being included in the statistics. Brazil's health system is now on the brink of collapse

Hospitals across the country report that there are no more beds in intensive care units. In some places waiting lists have been created for severe Covid 19 cases. It is noticeable that the patients are getting younger and younger and the progression is getting more and more serious.

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Increasingly serious cases between the ages of 30 and 50 are being admitted, said the health secretary of the state of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn. His explanation: the younger ones are too willing to take risks. Many would have ignored the ban on the carnival and hosted private parties. You get the receipt now. "The young people think they are just losing their sense of smell," he said. "But then they die."

A study by the Brazilian Association for Intensive Care Medicine shows how little the chance of survival is in Brazil if the course is severe. Accordingly, more than 60 percent of the admitted Covid-19 patients die in the intensive care units.

He provokes and delays the vaccination campaign

Another reason for the worsened situation is the Manaus variant of the virus, also P.1. called. The mutation first appeared in the Amazon region and led to dramatic conditions there because the hospitals ran out of clinical oxygen. Many people suffocated.

The mutant is so dangerous because it is more contagious and infected people have a higher viral load than the previous virus. The Manaus variant also undermines the immune system of at least 25 percent of people who have already had Covid-19 and should be immune, as the Institute for Tropical Medicine at the University of São Paulo has determined.

In this situation, one would think that the Brazilian president is doing everything he can to fight the virus. The opposite is the case. Since the pandemic began, Jair Bolsonaro has been sabotaging governors and mayors' efforts to contain the virus.

He recently called on his followers not to adhere to lockdowns. He asked: “Why should you stay home and cry?” In front of fans, he said that the dead “only interested certain people” who wanted to harm him.

Bolsonaro travels the country every week and socializes without a mask. It seems like he enjoys provoking. In addition, he is delaying the vaccination campaign. His government turned down various offers to deliver large quantities of vaccine. Instead, a lot of money was used to buy ineffective drugs that Bolsonaro continues to advertise today, such as cloroquine.

Before vaccination, however, he warns that his government would take no responsibility if men then spoke in a high voice or women grow beards. Recently, Bolsonaro even vetoed various states' requests for rapid approval of foreign vaccines. There is a lack of vaccines in Brazil, and various cities have already had to suspend vaccinations.

All of this is all the more tragic since Brazil was once a model for vaccination campaigns. It has one of the largest free health systems in the world, in every community you can easily get vaccinated against 20 diseases. In 2010, nearly 90 million doses of the swine flu vaccine were given in just four months.

But today Brazil is ruled by a man who seems to have a devilish desire for destruction. The words of a priest therefore spoke from the soul of many people. In his sermon in the small community of Guarabira recently, Adalberto Tavares railed that Bolsonaro was “a man without morals”. "He's murdering the people!"

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