Should I run computer technology at Thapar

Will there be a recession in computer technology after 3/4 years?

Thanks for the A2A.

There is already an oversupply of barely competent programmers. The starting salaries are low. Middle managers with 10 years of experience strive for redundancy. Things are not looking good with conventional IT services.

However, computers keep getting stronger and conquering the world. You now have powerful computers that you call "cell phones". In 10 years, you should see embedded computers everywhere. They're actually everywhere, in your cars, washing machines, everything, but they get more explicit and do a lot more.

No, a recession is unlikely in this area. However, to make a career, you need much deeper knowledge than programming in Java or building an Android app. Everyone has these skills, but the question becomes, what can you do with them? How well do you know the underlying technology and can you use it to solve some real problems? Can you build or improve the underlying technology? If you can stand out from the army of "programmers" you should have a good career. If you only know Java or just "code" you are in trouble. So plan your studies carefully.

However, I cannot predict an economic recession. If one thing happens, keep studying until it's over.