How much storage space do old emails use

Tip: Reduce the memory used by email settings

For some time now there has been a big discussion in our forum about the mysterious "Other" folder, which is several gigabytes in size on some Windows Phones (thread 1, thread 2). What exactly is in this folder is still a mystery. Officials say that e-mails, contacts, calendar data, browser cache, temporary files and synchronization information are saved, but that can't really be all. Some blame apps for this, but actually there is already an “Applications” folder for app data. This theory was also proven in a short test: I started a few apps and specifically selected those that save data locally from the Internet. Then I looked into the memory management and saw that the memory for the applications had increased minimally, while the “Other” folder remained exactly the same. Thus, apps can actually also be excluded.

It is also interesting that the “Other” folder on my HTC 8X has increased by around 1 GB after the Portico update. In addition, some users reported that the memory emptied as soon as the cell phone ran out of memory. So maybe these files will delete themselves as soon as necessary. Another way to empty the folder would be to just reset it, which is probably out of the question. So the riddle around this folder has not yet been solved. We still have to wait for a really clarifying answer from Microsoft. In the meantime, however, we would like to pass on a tip that we have received.

This tip is quite simple and will only help those who receive a lot of emails.
As everyone knows, the emails received are saved on the cell phone so that they do not have to be reloaded each time. How long these emails are saved can be set. To do this, open your inbox, select Settings in the “…” menu, then go to the synchronization settings and select the desired time window under “Download E-Mail”. Which time slots are available depends on the account. With Outlook you can choose between three, seven days, 2 weeks, one month and all.

Our tipster reduced the “Download all e-mails” setting to a period of seven days and received 2.4 GB (!) More storage space. This makes a big difference, especially with Windows Phones with little memory.

Note: The displayed free memory changes only after a restart.