Are oats good or bad for testosterone?

Broccoli, oatmeal or nuts: they are all considered healthy and tasty. But the food can do a lot more - and really get it going.

For many men, it is a nightmare when the little friend falls down while making love - if that happens often, potency-increasing drugs like Viagra should help.

But in the long run, swallowing tablets is not the solution either - according to Prof. Dr. Frank Sommer, President of the German Society for Men and Health e.V. (DGMG e.V.) quite simply to help the libido on the jumps.

The right foods are supposed to work like Viagra

About our daily diet: Those who eat healthier and eat the right foods should be able to significantly increase their testosterone production - and thus give the limb more stamina again, promises Prof. Sommer to the picture.

Vegetables increase potency

When cutting vegetables Broccoli and cauliflower best off. Anyone who eats up to two palm-sized portions for lunch here increases their biologically active testosterone. If you are not a broccoli fan, you are welcome to too leafy green vegetables like spinach or kale to grab.

According to Prof. Sommer, the vegetables contain secondary plant substances such as this Mustard oil indole-3-carbinol available. "They have the effect that less testosterone - the king hormone in men - is converted into the female hormone estradiol," says Prof. Sommer.

Nuts contain a lot of arginine

But nuts can also provide a boost in sex life. They are generally considered to be very healthy thanks to their valuable fatty acids. A Handful of unsalted almonds or hazelnuts (about 200 grams) are enough here.

Tip: It is better to take it throughout the day. Alternatively, you can only eat 100 grams of nuts, plus an additional 200 grams of tuna or salmon.

"You contain arginine, a special proteinthat supports the inner workings of the vessels that lead to the limb, making it smoother and softer. This means that the blood can flow better through the vessels and accordingly more blood can be 'pumped' into the limb during sexual stimulation, "explains Prof. Sommer.

Therefore, do not eat the nuts all at once, but at intervals throughout the day - this means that the arginine content in the blood remains constant.

Watermelon, cucumber & Co .: Thanks to citrulline, the limb becomes strong

Especially in summer it is often easier to eat fresh vegetables, salads or fruit in the heat. Did you know thata quarter of a watermelon at the bathing lake is also conducive to a hot interlude in the evening?

Because that contained therein Citrulline, a constituent of amino acidsto find tooin cucumber and zucchini, releases the active ingredient arginine. The advantage over nuts: They give it into the blood with a delay: "This is important to maintain a constant arginine level - even during breaks when you don't eat nuts," says Sommer.

Who then added a few over his summer salad Sunflower seeds or sesame seeds scatters, makes the limb particularly strong.

Oatmeal: secret weapon against erectile dysfunction

Don't you like breakfast? Then you should change that as soon as possible. Muesli in the morning not only gives you energy for the day, it can also increase potency. What sounds unbelievable at first has a scientific background:

"Oatmeal is the ultimate secret weapon. There is a certain compound in oats called the one Avenacoside. This causes the body to produce more biologically active testosterone. In addition, the nitric oxide necessary for an erection is positively influenced. It enables the blood vessels to carry enough blood to the limb. "

This coffee can also act like Viagra. But US authorities warn: hands off!

Flavonoids in berries make the limb supple

Then add a few more to your muesli Berries, apples or oranges snipped into it, it has a real power package of healthy nutrients. Because also those contained in fruit Flavonoids help to strengthen the little friend and build the tissue that is so important for an erection.

If you take the tips to heart, you will also find out how much sex a month is really healthy.

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