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Garbage collection dates 2021

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Waste paper

As before, collection for the entire municipality is either weekly (always Wednesday), 3 weeks (mostly 1100 l containers for residential buildings) or 9 weeks (mostly 240 l containers for households). If you do not know about your collection interval, information can be obtained from the Baden waste association (02234/74 155). The disposal area is identical to that of the residual waste. On public holidays, please set up the garbage can one day in advance in front of the property.

If you ever have more waste paper, you can put it in bundles or in full cardboard boxes (max. ¼ of the volume of the provided tons) next to the waste paper bin on the day of emptying.
Please continue to bring large cardboard boxes to the municipality's collection center.

If you do not find enough with your bin, you can request the delivery of an additional bin from the Waste Association.

Emptying 240 l waste paper container (9 weeks):


February 8, April 12, June 14, August 16, October 18, December 20
Additionally with the streets F.v.Suppé-Weg, Malfattiweg, Waldwiese.


February 9, April 13, June 15, August 17, October 19, December 21


February 10, April 14, June 16, August 18, October 20, December 22


February 11, April 15, June 17, August 19, October 21, December 23


February 12, April 16, June 18, August 20, October 22, December 23


February 15, April 19, June 21, August 23, October 22, December 27

Emptying 1100 l waste paper container (3 weeks):

7 January, 27 January, 17 February, 10 March, 31 March, 21 April, 12 May, 2 June, 23 June, 14 July, 4 August, 25 August, 15 May September 6th, October 6th, October 28th, November 17th, December 9th, December 29th.


* A = ash bin, is removed 6 times a year (approx. November to March).
On the mentioned collection days, the garbage cans and the yellow sack are to be made available at the property boundary at 6.00 a.m.

Please notify the municipality in writing of any changes you wish to make to your residual and organic waste container.
It should be noted, however, that changes can only be made at the end of the quarter, but registrations can be made at any time.

You can get information about waste separation:

Association of municipalities for waste disposal 
Telephone number 02234/74 155
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.,
Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm and
Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Green telephone of the municipality of Bad Vöslau
Tel. No. 76 161/538

February 10, April 14, June 16, August 18, October 20, December 22