What does Yo Soy Tu Papa mean

My toddler calls me "mom" but I am his father

This isn't a big deal and you shouldn't be sweating it out. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and calls her aunt "Uncle Meghan" and everyone thinks it's funny.

My two kids went through the same thing you did, and I cemented the fact that my name wasn't "Mama" by jokingly saying, "I-AIN'T-CHE-MAMA!" - which evokes laughter and slowly brings the point home as they get older.

Now they mostly just do it by mistake (probably because my wife is a mom who stays home and spends a lot more time with them) and they tend to correct themselves in the middle of the word by saying "ma-daddy" say.

Similarly, my wife often refers to me by my first name when speaking to or calling me directly, and so my 4 year old got in the habit of calling me "Jamey" when he was 3 or so. I put this to bed pretty quickly by always replying, "I'm NOT your Jamey." He would laugh and say, "You are my DADDY!" He still does it sometimes now that he's 4, but there always seems to be a joking undertone when he does, but it always evokes the same response from me - "I'm NOT your Jamey."

Just try to affirm the fact that you are not their mother, even if it's just a joke, but that too will pass. It's not like they still call you "mom" when they're 8 years old. I would advise enjoying the sweet delicacies while they last. You will look back on those years and annoy him about it and everyone will get a good laugh.