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Outlander: You need to know about Ian Fraser Murray

Little Ian is played by John Bell

Little Ian Murray gives his parents Ian and Jenny Murray a lot of headaches. His constant thirst for action often puts him in dicey situations, from which his uncle Jamie and his aunt Claire rescue him. You can find out everything about the Outlander character in our character biography.

  1. Kidnapping to Jamaica
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Ian Murray is the youngest son of Ian and Jenny Murray. Since he has the same name as his father, he is mostly called "little Ian". Problems arise shortly after his birth as the British break into the house and his uncle Jamie has to hide with him.

Little Ian has copied a lot from the many strong personalities in his life and is so very determined. He often clashes with his father, Ian Murray, as little Ian often gets himself into trouble. Nevertheless, he is a loyal soul and does not shy away from taking responsibility.

Kidnapping to Jamaica

Little Ian is supposed to find a treasure for Jamie that he wants to use to pay Laoghaire after their divorce. But since he still has a fresh gunshot wound, he cannot swim to the island on which the treasure lies. His nephew helps him out and is kidnapped by pirates who take him to Jamaica. Jamie and Claire leave to bring him back. Meanwhile, Ian ends up with Mrs. Abernathy, who is Geillis Duncan, who got married in Jamaica.

Geillis Duncan collects the gems from the treasure and is looking for young men to travel through time again. She believes that it takes a certain stone and blood sacrifice for the portal to open for the journey through time. Jamie and Claire reach the cave in time to save the young Ian. Jamie and Claire find their nephew and kill Geillis.

This is what little Ian can expect in season 4

In season 4, little Ian lands in America with Claire and Jamie and moves with them to North Carolina to see Jamie's aunt Jocasta. His dog Rollo travels with him. Jamie and Claire find their own piece of land and build Fraser's Ridge. Little Ian quickly makes friends with the indigenous people of the area and often accompanies them on the hunt.

After Brianna appears on Fraser's Ridge, little Ian quickly finds a connection to his cousin. When Roger suddenly wanders around the family estate, Ian assumes he is Brianna's rapist, beats him up with Jamie and sells him to an Indian tribe. After realizing their mistake, they set out to save Roger.

He made the acquaintance of the Mohawk tribe and met a pretty girl named Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa. He baptizes her Emily. Ian joins the Mohawk to swap places with Roger. The Frasers later find out that little Ian has married Emily and they are expecting a child.

John Bell

Scottish actor John Bell plays little Ian in Outlander. He became known through the movie A Shine of Rainbows, in which he plays alongside Jack Gleeson (Game of Thrones). He also played Bain in the Hobbit trilogy and took on other roles in the series "Life of Riley", "Tracy Beaker Returns" and "Into the Badlands".

All information about the plot, the characters and the production of Outlander can be found in our series wiki. We'll also tell you in our broadcast overview where you can see Outlander on TV and in the stream.


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