How is your body different from others?

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From breakfast egg to lunch to dinner, meals structure the daily routine. Often we do not think too much about what foods we eat and what happens to them in the body. A closer look at food and eating habits raises a lot of exciting questions. Planet Schule accompanies two primary school children - Rezzan and Florian - through the day and sees the world of nutrition through their eyes.

What is our food actually made of and what happens to it in the body? Why do we have to eat at all and why does the body care whether we eat a chocolate bar, a plate of spaghetti or a fried egg? For example, is it easier to concentrate with one food than the other - so does it make a difference to the brain what we eat?

We put various foods to the test. How does the respective energy balance differ for different activities and foods. And do boys need different food than girls? Many foods in the industry lure with the promise of not only tasting good, but supposedly also being healthy. But what is it really about that promise? There is also an international breakfast comparison: Which is the healthiest: the German, English, Italian or Turkish breakfast?