When were airplanes invented?

What was the first passenger plane and who invented and built it?


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What was the first passenger plane and who invented and built it?

Nowadays it is perfectly normal to get on a plane and go on vacation. The beginnings of passenger flights are not that far back. Nicoletta from Brühl is interested in the history of passenger aviation.

The first passenger aircraft existed before the First World War, such as the four-seater "Aérobus" from Blériot, which on March 23, 1911 with eleven passengers flew a distance of at least five kilometers. The first passenger aircraft with a fully enclosed seat cabin, built by Igo Etrich, made its maiden flight on May 7, 1912. However, these machines were not actually designed for passenger transport.

One year later, on May 13, 1913, the four-engine biplane "Bolshoi Baltijskij" (The Great Balte) by the aircraft designer Sikorsky took to the air for the first time. This aircraft also had a closed and glazed cabin for two pilots and four passengers.

The "Jlja Muromez" passenger aircraft from the same designer that flew for the first time in November 1913 was even more comfortable. A pilot's cabin, a lounge for passengers, a sleeping cabin and even a toilet were housed in the fuselage of this aircraft. The rooms had electric light and were heated. There were viewing platforms on the roof and in front of the tail unit.

The first "real" passenger aircraft, however, is the German Junkers F 13. This sleek all-metal low-wing aircraft was built in 1919, the first real metal cabin airliner. The F 13 had space for four passengers and it had a heated passenger compartment. The F13 has been used all over the world. The 350 copies built served as cargo and passenger planes, for mail delivery and for expeditions.

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