Is Perl dead

"Time that never passes"East musician Michael Barakowski (63) is dead

Castle / Berlin - “Time that never passes” - was his hit, which almost everyone in the GDR knew and loved in 1985. On Friday the heart of singer Michael Barakowski (63) stopped beating after a serious illness.

With his band Perl he took first place in the TV and radio hit parades of the GDR for six months.

The song was particularly popular with the soldiers of the National People's Army, who had to do their basic military service in the barracks for at least 18 months.

Barakowski died on Friday at the age of only 63 after severe alcoholic illness of multiple organ failure in a clinic in Saxony-Anhalt. The bandmate Hugo Laatz (Modern Soul Band) confirmed to BILD. He is also said to have been infected with a hospital germ in the clinic. He was therefore placed in an artificial coma from which he could no longer wake up.

After his success with Perl, he joined Petra Zieger's band Smokings (cats at night) for a short time.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he never really got going again as a musician. The Modern Soul Band occasionally took him on stage as a singer. In small clubs around the country, listeners indulged in memories of his one-hit wonder.

Musician Sven Hertrampf (45), son of Puhdy Dieter Hertrampf (73), played with Barakowski at Perl, knows: “In 2004 we wanted to start again as a band. But Michael was no longer reliable. He just couldn't do it anymore. "

Last year he married his partner Annett. But then he had been living from Hartz IV for a long time. "It was sad to see how he threw his life away," says ex-bandmate Hertrampf.

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