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Son Goku

Son Goku


Milky Way, Northern Galaxies


Important data


  • Martial artist
  • farmer
  • security guard


  • Stefan Bräuler (DBS)
  • Tommy Morgenstern (DBZ)
  • Amadeus Strobl (quay)
  • Frank Schaff (DB, youth)
  • Corinna Dorenkamp (DB, child)

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Son Goku, born Kakarott is a male Saiyan who grew up on earth. As a child, he turned into a giant monkey and accidentally killed his adoptive grandfather, leaving him alone in the wild for much of his childhood. After meeting Bulma one day and learning about the Dragonballs, his life changed forever and he became a legendary martial artist who saved the world many times. In the following years, he saved the universe from various enemies such as Freezer, Cell and Majin Boo, with the goal of becoming the strongest fighter of all time. At the time of his life he is a somewhat unworldly, somewhat naive man whose life is illuminated in the series. Even so, he is a very cheerful and good-natured person. After he married Chi-Chi, he fathered a son with her, Son Gohan. He fathered his son, Son Goten, who was 10 years his junior shortly before the Cell Games. Through decades of training, he was able to transform into a Super Saiyan. He reached the first stage in the fight against Freezer when he killed Krillin. He reached the second stage during training in the afterlife, during the 7 years that he was dead. He reached the third stage in the fight against Majin Boo. After he and Vegeta were trained by Whis, he was able to transform himself with his god power in combination with the Super Saiyan transformation, this transformation is called Super Saiyan Blue, the ultimate form of the Saiyajins.


Birth and Early Childhood

Kakarott was born on the Saiyan's home planet, Planet Vegeta, in 737 as the second son of Saiyan Bardock and his wife, Gine. After he landed on earth to destroy it, an old man named Son Gohan found him and gave him his name Son Goku, adopted him as his grandson and raised him. Son Gohan taught him martial arts and also taught him other important things a person should be able to do. His grandfather died one day before 749 when Son Goku turned into a weraffe under the full moon.

The search for the Dragon Balls

Since the death of his grandfather, 12-year-old Goku has lived alone in a forest in which his grandfather's hut is also located. His only memory of his grandfather, who died early, is the Dragon Ball with the four stars. Goku always wears the Nyoi Bō on his back. Soon after, he meets 16-year-old Bulma, who is looking for the Dragon Balls. At this point, Bulma already owns the Dragon Ball with the two stars and the Dragon Ball with the five stars. He decides to support Bulma in search of the Dragon Balls. Soon afterwards, the two of them save Muten Roshi's turtle.

Out of gratitude, he gives them the Dragon Ball with the 3 stars. In addition, Goku receives a kinto as a present. Shortly afterwards, the two come to a village that is being terrorized by Oolong. Goku defeats Oolong and receives the Dragon Ball with the six stars as a reward from a villager. So that Oolong leaves the village alone, Goku and Bulma persuade him to come with them. Now the three get into a desert where they are attacked by Yamucha. The battle with Yamucha ends without a winner, and Goku, Bulma, and Oolong continue on their way to the Frying Pan Mountain. Once there, they see that the mountain is on fire. Goku then travels with Chichi, the daughter of Gyūma-Ō, to Muten Roshi to ask him for help.

While trying to clear the mountain with the Kamehame Ha, this destroyed the frying pan mountain. In the ruins of the frying pan mountain, Goku finds the Dragon Ball with the 7 stars. When they locate the last Dragon Ball held by Pilaf, Shu and Mai stole five of their six Dragon Balls, which they bring to Pilaf. However, Goku always has the last one as a good luck charm or as a reminder of his grandfather in a small bag. So they don't all have Dragon Balls. Goku, Bulma, Oolong and in their wake also Yamucha and Puar are on their way to Pilaf to get their Dragon Balls back and also to get the last one. In Pilaf's castle, the last Dragon Ball is stolen from them and they are locked up. Now that Pilaf has gathered all seven Dragon Balls, he can call Shenlong. Before he can express his wish for world domination, however, Oolong comes before him. He wants a new hat.

Meanwhile, Son Goku can free himself and his companions as weraffen (gorilla-like) by laying Pilaf's castle in ruins.

21. Great Trunier

Son Goku is now training with the martial arts master Muten Roshi. Krillin also comes to train there. The two are training together for the 21st major tournament. Son Goku easily survived the qualifying round. In the quarterfinals he wins against Giran and in the semifinals he succeeds in defeating Nam before he has to admit defeat to Muten Roshi alias Jackie Chun in the final. After the big tournament, Goku goes looking for the Dragon Balls again.

The search for the Dragon Balls again

In his search for the Dragon Balls, Goku faces competition from Pilaf again, but a new enemy has appeared in the form of the Red Ribon Army. In the fight against the Red Ribon Army, Goku first destroys the muscle tower before defeating General Blue. But then a new enemy emerges: the dreaded contract killer Tao Pai Pai has been hired by the Red Ribon Army. In the Holy Land of Karin, Goku suffers a devastating defeat against Tao Pai Pai. He thinks that Goku is dead and disappears. Son Goku recovers from his injuries and climbs the Karin Tower. There he fights with Karin for the holy water. When he won this fight, he fights against Tao Pai Pai again at the foot of the Karin Tower. Son Goku succeeds in defeating his opponent. After defeating Tao Pai Pai, Goku makes his way to the headquarters of the Red Ribon Army, where he then finally defeats the army. To find out where the 7th Dragon Ball is, Goku makes his way to Uranai Baba. This demands a sum that Goku cannot possibly raise. So he has to fight his way through some fights to get her to show the place where the last Dragon Ball is. One of his opponents in these fights is his grandfather Gohan, who is allowed to return from the afterlife to the world of the living for a day.

After having all seven Dragon Balls together and thus reviving Bora, the guardian of the Holy Land Karin, Goku sets off to train for the 22nd Grand Tournament. In the three years of his training, he also meets his future rivals Tenshinhan and Chaozu for the first time.

22. Big tournament

Goku is also back at the 22nd big tournament. In qualifying he has no problems again and he can beat his opponent in the quarter-finals, Panpoot, without any major problems. In the semifinals, Goku succeeds in defeating his friend Kuririn. In the finale, Goku and Tenshinhan, a student of Tsuru Sennin, face each other. The fight lasts a long time and both opponents are about the same level. In the end, both are knocked out, but Goku touches the ground outside the arena before Tenshinhan. Most of the fight took place in the air and in the end both crashed, with Goku having the misfortune to land on a moving truck. In this fight, Tenshinhan and Chaozu break away from their master and the two become friends with Goku. The 22nd Grand Tournament comes to a tragic end when Kuririn is found murdered in the locker room.

Big Devil Piccolo

It soon turns out that the devil Piccolo has returned from his exile. He created some creatures to kill the participants of the 22nd Grand Tournament so that Piccolo would no longer be able to resist. During his battles against the creatures, Goku gets to know the devil Piccolo Yajirobi. The devil Piccolo kills many people, including Muten Roshi, who tried to banish him to a rice cooker with the Mafuba. When the devil Piccolo tries to remove the king of the world from his office, Goku appears and kills him. Shortly before his death, however, the devil Piccolo lays an egg from which Piccolo will hatch one day. After the devil Piccolo is dead, Goku is trained for the next three years in God's palace by Mr. Popo on behalf of God.

23. Big tournament

Both Goku, who is now 19 years old, and his archenemy Piccolo take part in the 23rd Grand Tournament. When his friends see Goku for the first time, they are completely speechless because he has grown up so much. Krillin is also a bit pissed off because he's still smaller than Goku. Goku managed to qualify here without any problems. In the quarterfinals, Goku fights Chichi, whom he does not recognize at first. However, she reminds him that he promised her as a child to marry her, which is why the two celebrate their engagement after the tournament. In the semifinals, Goku defeated Tenshinhan before having to fight Piccolo in the final. In this fight even the entire arena of the grand tournaments is blown up, but in the end Goku manages to win this fight.

Gohan is born about a year after Goku and Chichi married.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, the now 24-year-old Goku lives with his wife Chichi and son Gohan in the forest where he also spent his childhood.

Landing of the Saiyan

Son Goku's brother Raditz lands on earth to get his brother to help the other Saiyajin conquer new planets. However, he refuses and so Raditz takes Son Gohan hostage. Son Goku briefly allies himself with Piccolo in order to be able to defeat Raditz. You will find Raditz's space capsule that Son Gohan is locked in. Son Goku tries to defeat Raditz, but is not up to him. Piccolo's new technology, the infernal spiral, also misses its target. Son Goku then grabs Raditz by the tail, who is the Saiyan's weak point. However, Raditz does not give up so easily and persuades Son Goku that he would change and regret his evil deeds. Naive as he is, Son Goku believes him and lets go of his cock, which turned out to be a big mistake. Raddtz knocks Son Goku to the ground and breaks his ribs. Son Gohan Zorn's continues to grow and can escape from the space capsule in which he was trapped. He throws himself at Raditz. Son Goku managed to get up again and held Raditz. Piccolo used the spiral of hell again, this time with success. Raditz can no longer avoid the spiral of hell and dies with Son Goku. Finally, Raditz announced that two more Saiyajins will come in a year and that they are much stronger than him.

After his death, Son Goku is accompanied by God into the afterlife. He puts in a good word for Son Goku with the Lord of the Underworld, which is why Son Goku is allowed to try his luck over the snake path to go to Master Kaio to train with him. Son Goku immediately sets off and finally reaches the planet Master Kaios. There he has to get used to gravity first. To do this, he must first catch Bananas, Master Kaio's monkey, and Gregory, a cricket. After he has done this he is taught the Kaioken and the Genkidama from Master Kaio. Then he is revived with the help of the Dragon Balls. Back on Earth, Son Goku hurries to help his friends against the Saiyajins. He arrives just in time to save Gohan by using the Kaioken against Nappa. Vegeta then kills Nappa, because he is of the opinion that a defeated Saiyan is no longer worth anything. Besides Gohan, only Kuririn is still alive. Piccolo, Yamucha, Chaozu and Tenshinhan were killed by the Saiyajins. After Nappa's death, Son Goku demands that Gohan and Kuririn go away. Meanwhile, Son Goku and Vegeta are looking for a new place to fight. The fight between the two lasts a long time and Son Goku has to use a triple Kaioken in order to harm Vegeta at all. Vegeta then creates a ball of light in the sky that has enough light energy so that he can become an oozaru. Of course, Son Goku has no chance against this, but Kuririn and Son Gohan, who saw the ball of light on the horizon, come to the rescue and try their best to help. Kuririn tries to cut off Vegeta's tail, but his attack fails. However, at exactly the right moment, Yajirobi comes to the rescue and cuts off the tail with his sword. Thereupon Vegeta transforms back again. At the same moment, Son Goku notices that Son Gohan's cut tail has grown back. He tells him to look into the ball of light, and so Son Gohan now becomes Oozaru. In this form it is easy for him to defeat Vegeta. But Vegeta cuts off his tail. However, both were in the air at the time and while Gohan slowly transforms back, he falls on Vegeta and both fall to the ground. When Vegeta tried to flee, Kuririn took Yajirobi's sword and was about to stab Vegeta. At Son Goku's request, however, Kuririn lets Vegeta, who swears vengeance, flee.

The origin of the Dragon Balls and the fight against Freezers

It will now take a while for Son Goku to recover from the injuries from this fight. In the meantime, Kuririn, Bulma and Son Gohan have left for Namek with God's spaceship to look for the Dragon Balls there. As soon as new magic beans are available, Yajirobi comes to Son Goku's hospital and gives him some of them. Son Goku then makes his way to the Capsule Corporation, where Dr. Briefs built him a spaceship from the space capsule with which he came to earth. Son Goku uses the time that the flight to Namek takes to train with the newly developed gravity generator on board. When he then arrives at Namek, Kuririn, Son Gohan and Vegeta, with whom they have allied themselves, are fighting together against the Ginyu task force. Guldo could still be defeated, but the three of them despair of Rikuum. Son Goku, on the other hand, defeated him with a single attack. Because of this, Vegeta wonders if Son Goku is the Legendary Super Saiyan. Next, Baata and Jees took on Son Goku together. After Son Goku had also killed Baata, Jees fled to get Ginyu to help. When Ginyu was there, Son Goku wanted Son Gohan and Kuririn to fly to Freezer's spaceship to look for the Dragon Balls. Only Vegeta should help him. But Vegeta followed Son Gohan and Kuririn to make his wish come true, because he wanted to become immortal. Meanwhile, Son Goku was fighting with Ginyu. The fight was even for a long time until Ginyu punched a hole through his upper body with his own fist and then exchanged bodies with Son Goku. Then Jees and Ginyu (in Son Goku's body) flew to Freezer's spaceship to bring the Dragon Balls to safety. Son Goku made very slow progress due to his injury and it took him to get to Freezer's spaceship. He cleared up what had happened and the fight began. However, since Ginyu was not used to Son Goku's body, he was not yet strong enough to take on Vegeta. Then he wanted to swap bodies with Vegeta, but Son Goku threw himself in between and got his body back. Ginyu tried again to take Vegeta's body, but at the last moment Son Goku threw a frog between them. So Ginyu was now trapped in the body of a frog. Jees had previously been killed by Vegeta. Since his body was badly damaged, Son Goku is now in one of the tanks with regenerative fluid that are in Freezer's spaceship. During this regeneration phase, Piccolo is brought back to life by Son Gohan and Kuririn and brought to the planet Namek, after which the chief elder dies and Polunga with him. When Son Goku can join the next fight against Freezer, he has already reached his 2nd form and fatally injured Vegeta. Vegeta can just ask Goku for revenge when Freezer gives him the coup de grace.

Son Goku's anger grows because he has just learned that Freezer is to blame for the destruction of the planet Vegeta. The following fight is one of the longest and hardest that Son Goku contests in the series. For a long time Freezer had the upper hand, he even split the planet Namek, whereupon its demise is only a matter of time. Since Son Goku can't do anything else against Freezer, even 20 times the Kaioken doesn't bring anything, he now uses his last trump card: the Genkidama. Freezer wants to prevent that, but Piccolo intervenes to buy Son Goku more time. Shortly afterwards, Son Gohan and Kuririn also intervene to stop Freezer. Son Goku succeeds in firing the Genkidama. This will affect the entire planet Namek even more. However, Freezer survived this attack as well. Son Goku is now at the end of his tether and Piccolo is completely exhausted. To protect Son Goku, Piccolo throws himself into a beam of energy from Freezer, but in the process he is almost killed himself. Son Goku then wants Kuririn and Son Gohan to fly to Earth with Bulma and Piccolo. However, they refuse.Freezer seizes the opportunity and also kills Kuririn. As a result, Son Goku becomes furious and transforms into a Super Saiyan. Now Gohan obeys and he leaves the planet together with Bulma and Piccolo. In order to still have a chance against Son Goku, Freezer transforms into his final form. But Freezer still has no chance against Son Goku as a Super Saiyan. He is defeated by this. Shortly afterwards Namek explodes.

Son Goku manages to reach a space capsule of the Ginyu special command just in time and to flee with it. With this he lands on the planet Yadrat, where he is taught the current teleportation by the inhabitants.

Fight against Doctor Geros Cyborgs and Cell

At the beginning of the Cell saga, Son Goku returns to earth with the space capsule. Trunks is waiting for him there. He warns the Z-fighters that in three years 'time on an island in the south two cyborgs will appear, which are incredibly strong and have killed all Z-fighters except Trunks in Trunks' time. Son Goku is also receiving medicine for a heart disease from which he died in Trunks' future. Then the Z-Fighters decide to train to prepare for the arrival of the cyborgs.

Three years later everyone arrives on the island, where C 19 and C 20 actually appear. However, Son Goku relocates the fight against the cyborgs to a desert. During the fight, he becomes infected with the heart virus that was prophesied to him. Yamucha then brings him home, where he also gives the medicine to Son Goku. Meanwhile, Trunks comes back to the present where he realizes that the cyborgs are not the ones he knows. C20 escapes the Z-fighters and activates C17 and C18. When he threatens C17, the latter kills him. C17 also activates C16. The three cyborgs go in search of Son Goku in order to kill him. For this reason, Chichi leaves her house with her husband and takes him to Muten Roshi, where he is temporarily safe. In addition to the cyborgs, a new opponent has also appeared, Cell, who wants to absorb the cyborgs in order to become perfect. When Son Goku regains consciousness, he visits Vegeta and Trunks because he had the idea that the three and Son Gohan could train in the space of spirit and time. When Son Goku meets Piccolo, he also realizes that he has reunited with God. As a result, the Dragon Balls no longer exist. The four Saiyajin all decide to train in the space of spirit and time. Vegeta and Trunks go into the room first. Meanwhile, the cyborgs find Muten Roshi's house. Piccolo also shows up there and engages the cyborgs in a fight to buy time. In the course of the fight Tenshinhan comes to his aid. When Vegeta and Trunks have finished their training, it looks bad for Piccolo and Tenshinhan in the fight against the cyborgs and Cell. Cell has also come to the battlefield in the meantime. Son Goku and Son Gohan now go into the space of spirit and time. When they came out, Cell absorbed C17 and C18 and thereby acquired its perfect shape. Now nobody seems to have a chance against him anymore. Shortly thereafter, Cell turned to the public with his idea of ​​reviving the tradition of the Grand Tournaments. He's hosting the Cell Games. These should take place 10 days later. Son Goku spends the time first looking for a new god. Dende takes over this post. Dende activates the Dragon Balls again and brings Shenlong back to life. In addition, the sacred dragon can now grant two wishes at once. Then Son Goku collects the Dragon Balls in order to be able to revive all the victims of Cell and the cyborgs.

In the Cell Games, Son Goku is the first to play against Cell. However, he fails to defeat Cell and gives up. He says that Gohan is much stronger than him and so Gohan has to fight. His friends cannot understand Son Goku's decision at all. Son Gohan, however, holds up well against Cell. When Cell learns that Gohan gets a lot stronger when he's angry, he creates 7 mini-cells. Son Goku's friends have big problems with them, but Gohan is not angry enough yet. Meanwhile, C16 asks Mr. Satan to throw him at Gohan. He does and C16 asks him to fight for those he loves. He also asks him to protect nature and the animal world, because he loves them. Cell destroys C16 for good, so Son Gohan is angry enough and much stronger than Cell. But instead of killing him, he plays with him, which Cell punishes. This activates a self-destruction in which the whole earth would be destroyed. Son Goku sacrifices himself and teleports himself and Cell to Master Kaio's planet. He is not enthusiastic about it and in the explosion that follows, Son Goku, Master Kaio, Bananas and Gregory die. However, Cell survives due to its ability to regenerate. Because this was lucky and its center remained undamaged. Thanks to Freezer's genes, he can also survive in space. With the help of the current teleportation, which he has copied from Son Goku, he comes back to earth, where he kills Trunks. But with the support of his father, Son Gohan manages to kill Cell. Since Son Goku has already been resuscitated once, he can no longer be resuscitated with the earthly Dragon Balls, which, however, does not matter to him. Rather, he voluntarily decides to remain in the hereafter.


In the afterlife the Dai-Kaio decides to organize a tournament with the strongest fighters of the afterlife on the occasion of the death of Master Kaio. The winner of this tournament should be instructed by him. Son Goku makes it to the finals, where he has to fight Paikuhan. This is a strong opponent, even as a Super Saiyan Son Goku has problems with him. In the end, Son Goku defeats Paikuhan, but since they both touched the ceiling of the room at the same time in the course of the fight, neither of the two is proclaimed the winner. The Dai-Kaio used this ruse because he is weaker than the two final opponents.

During the following years in the afterlife, Son Goku even achieved the status of triple Super Saiyan.

Return to the world of the living

At the beginning of the Boo saga there is another big tournament. Son Goku is granted a day in this world to take part and see his friends again. He also met his younger son, Son Goten, who looked astonishingly similar to him. This tournament also includes other, unknown strong fighters who later turn out to be the Kaioshin and his servant Kibito, as well as Babidi's henchmen Yamuh and Spopowitsch, who take part to get the energy their master needs to awaken Boos. The two also manage to get the energy they need from Son Gohan. Then Son Goku and his friends chase them to Babidi's spaceship. Once there, various opponents are waiting for them, who they have to defeat in order to advance to Babidi. From these struggles, Babidi draws the energy he needs to awaken Boo. When he realizes that Group Z is too strong, he takes control of Vegeta, making Vegeta much stronger. Vegeta then challenges Son Goku to a fight that ends with Vegeta knocking Son Goku unconscious. The energy released is enough for Babidi to revive Boo. When Son Goku regains consciousness, he can neither feel the energy of Son Gohan nor that of Vegeta, who both fought against Boo. He then teleports himself and his remaining friends to Dende's palace. There he decides to use the remaining time he is allowed to spend on earth to teach Son Goten and Trunks the fusion dance. When Boo makes his way to the hometown of Bulma's family, Son Goku decides to stop him. He teleports to him and transforms into the triple Super Saiyan for the first time.


Son Goku is a normal tall, muscular man with black, spiky hair that never changes and black eyes. He has light, sometimes slightly brownish skin. He usually wears his orange combat suit under which he wears a blue shirt. He also wears two blue bracelets and two blue shoes, on each of which there are three red lines and two gold-colored ribbons, which are tied to his shoes.


Son Goku is currently 43 years old in Dragonball Super, but physically 39 due to the time he spent in the space of spirit and time and in the hereafter.

He was 12 years old at the beginning of Dragonball and 19 years old at the end of the series.

He was 24 years old at the beginning of Dragonball Z, 47 years old at the end of the series, but physically he is 43 years old at that time.

Professional career

Son Goku is first and foremost a master of martial arts. As a Saiyajin he was born a fighter, although he grew up on earth, he was trained in martial arts by his adoptive grandfather. In his later childhood, he became the Lord of the Turtles along with krillin and Yamcha