Is playing video games a sin?

Should Christians Play Computer Games?

If Christians should or should not play computer games, logically, is not clearly stated in the Bible. Because 2000 years ago there were simply no video games. So we have to look for things in the Bible that could be compared to such a topic and then see what Jesus says.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself when wondering whether or not Christians should play video games.


1. Are video games taking too much time away from me?

Therefore pay close attention to your way of life! Do not live like the ignorant, but like people who know what is important. Use the time; because we live in an evil world. So do not be unreasonable, but understand what the Lord expects of you. Ephesians 5:15

The biggest problem with video games is that they can be addicting. That is also the aim of the producers, because they try everything to ensure that you spend as much time as possible on the games. Because then they'll earn money.

Even if you haven't been playing war simulators on your computer for hours, you may also know it from mobile phone games. A good mobile game can quickly lead to the game being played over and over again all day long. I think almost everyone knows that.

And we could use this time much more productively than in a computer game that is just a pastime. You could learn, spend time with God, invest in a relationship, or meet up with your friends. So do something that will take you further.

Let's make it clear:

You start playing video games when you are 15 and play until you are 55. That would be played for 40 years.

Average of 25 hours a week. 1,300 hours per year x 40 years = 52,000 hours = 6 years of video game time

So then you've just played video games for 6 years of your life. You should ask yourself if you would be proud if you later stood before God and told God that with the great life and talents you were given, you spent 6 years playing video games.


2. Does this game prevent me from talking to or doing anything with people?

If you're constantly on your phone and play games while you're on the subway or bus, these games keep you from interacting with people. Maybe you just run into your dream woman and you don't even see her because you are just looking down. That would be pretty stupid, wouldn't it?

God made us people who are supposed to live in communion with others, but if you just look at your cell phone you cannot commune with others.

It can also come across as very rude.


3. Is the game starting to influence my thoughts?

When I was a kid I played Pac-Man or Tetris and that wasn't really a problem, but most games look a little different today.

You should ask yourself if you are playing GTA, Fortnite, or similar games that feature a lot of revealing women, violence, or drugs, whether that affects the way you think. Ask yourself, is this really the best game for me? The pictures you look at or the thoughts that are represented in the games can still be stuck in your head even after you shut down your computer.


4. What does your conscience tell you?

Römer fits in well here. I know this is about food, but that also applies to computer games.

But anyone who has a guilty conscience when eating is already condemned. Because he does not act in the way that corresponds to faith, trust in Jesus Christ. And doing anything that is not of faith is sin. Romans 14:23

We don't need someone to keep telling us what is right and what is wrong. But if you feel guilty and think that the pictures and thoughts are not good or that you could use your time more wisely, then pray. Jesus is our wild card, whom we can always ask and ask for help.

So is it okay for a Christian to play computer games or not?

If you think that your time playing computer games is preventing or worsening your work, school performance, or relationships with people, then you should reduce your computer game time. But just as normal TV viewing is okay, so is normal TV viewing Video game consumption okay.