Are shrimp a fish


The most popular among the crustaceans are shrimp. They are mistakenly called crabs. Strictly speaking, they belong to the group of long-tailed crabs. Crabs are short-tailed crabs. There are around 2,000 to 3,000 species of shrimp, which are assigned to their size and habitat. The coveted crustaceans are also known under the names of shrimps or prawns (in English) or prawns (from French), which are called giants, kings or tigers depending on their size. In general, they are divided into warm and cold water prawns as well as sea and fresh water prawns.

Way of life

The habitat of the small animals differs depending on their origin.

North Sea shrimp (the Germans' favorites) live at a depth of around 20 meters off the North Sea coasts of Holland, Germany and Denmark. There they feed mainly on small animals, algae and sediments such as stones, gravel and sand. ...

Deep sea or arctic sea shrimp live in almost all larger seas. The crustaceans, also known as Greenland shrimp, live throughout the day over soft ground at depths of 200 to 700 meters at temperatures of 0 to 8 degrees Celsius. At night they are then in higher altitudes. They mainly feed on small crustaceans and worms.

King prawns, including flagella and rock shrimp, are native to the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans (seawater prawns), in estuaries on the Indo-Pacific, on the South American and African coasts (fresh water prawns). The breeding of king prawns in the specially created ponds in India and Pakistan as well as in the aqua farms of Southeast Asian countries and Central America has become particularly important.


Specially equipped shrimp cutters from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands are used to catch North Sea shrimp. Deep-sea prawns come from importing countries in the northern and southern hemispheres, king prawns from Southeast Asia.

Shrimp are caught with trawls (beam trawls) and trawl nets.

North Sea and Arctic prawns are sorted according to size immediately after they are caught, cooked and frozen or chilled until they return to land. stored.


The temperature and depth of the water have a significant influence on the quality of the meat and taste of the shrimp. The colder the water, the more delicate the meat. Arctic prawns, which are native to the fjords of Norway, off the coasts of Iceland, Greenland and Alaska, are among the best of their kind in terms of taste. ...

Shrimp can be cooked in a variety of ways. Boiled or fried, they go perfectly with fresh salads, soups and sauces and are also very delicious grilled, cooked or gratinated.

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