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frequently asked Questions

Are the tours also suitable for beginners?

Yes. Many participants are sitting in a kayak or canoe for the first time. After a few minutes you have learned to steer the boat and you can navigate the calmly flowing Lippe. For fearful participants, we can choose very quiet sections of the lip to drive on. Of course, a boat can capsize every now and then. But this is very rare and is usually provoked by water fights. And ???? It's always just water.

Can I just come by or do I have to reserve in advance?

Please make a reservation, especially for school classes and larger groups is useful and necessary for the summer months.

Can I stop on the way?

No, the Lippe is a large nature reserve that is being extensively renatured. Therefore, getting in and out is only possible at the specified places. Barbecuing and camping is also prohibited. And that's just as well. In this way we keep the lip in its original and most natural way.

What should I do with my (electronic) valuables?

Anything that is not absolutely necessary, please leave it at home or in the car. What you take with you can get wet or fall into the water. Please put your wallet, car keys, cell phones and other electronic devices in bags and then in the pack sack provided by us. Keep the pack sack closed when you are out and about.

How long can the canoe be borrowed?

As long as you have reached the goal on the lip. Or for day, weekend or holiday rentals according to the agreement.

I would like to book a canoe trip for myself or my club / company. What should I do?

Perhaps you can already think about the date, the number of participants and the section of the Lippe that you would like to travel on. Otherwise we can explain and put together almost everything over the phone.

How do we get back to the entry point when our tour is over?

You can book with us the transfer of people with official taxi or bus companies from the destination to the start. Or they leave a car / bike at the finish in order to pick up the car (s) from the start after the canoe tour. Unfortunately there are no possibilities to use public transport.

When do I pay for the canoe tour?

Cash, on site, or after receipt of the invoice by bank transfer.

What do you have to wear when going on a canoe tour?

Weather-appropriate clothing. On sunny days, don't forget water (if possible not in glass bottles), sunscreen and a hat.

How do I have to pack my things that I bring with me?

In a bag or backpack and then in our pack sacks.

Can you bring provisions?

A little nibble and water to drink, especially on sunny days. If possible, no cream cakes and glass bottles.

Can you swim during the canoe tour? Is the lip clean?

Bathing is forbidden. The Lippe has the best possible water quality that an industrial river can have. It is officially not drinking water, but if you should take a sip you won't get sick. It just doesn't taste good.

We have to cancel our canoe tour. What should I do?

Cancellations are possible. Cancellation is free of charge eight or more working days before the start of the tour. Then we charge 50% of the total price, which we will fully credit you in the same amount when you make a new booking. You can find more detailed information in our terms and conditions.

When we're on the water, won't we be bitten by gnats?

That seldom happens. It is a natural river where gnats, mosquitoes, "blind cuckoos" and horseflies fly around. Mostly in the bank regions, less in the middle of the river.

From what age can children come along?

Children who cannot swim can ride along from any age if their parents are confident enough to do so. The small children get marine life jackets with collars and bibs.

I can not swim. Can I still take part in the canoe tour?

Yes, if you dare. Like all participants, you will receive a life jacket from us. The lip is often not very deep, so that you can stand in many places. Should one of our tour guides lead the group, they should go with him in his boat. We cannot guarantee that boats or the boat of our tour guide will not capsize. For the boats of our tour guides, however, it is rather unlikely.

Are there rapids and currents?

On the Lippe there are sections of the river with rapids and water currents. Adolescents and children in swimwear swim with their air mattresses even on the larger rapids. If you capsize, you are back in shallow water after five meters to the left or right.

What do you have to do if a thunderstorm approaches?

Get out and sit or lie down on rather flat terrain.

Can my dog ​​come along?

Yes, as long as you trust the dog and yourself to do it.

When do we start our tour?

We try to consider your wishes regarding the starting time as much as possible.

Does the canoe trip also take place when the sun isn't shining?

Yes. We as the organizer cancel the tour as early as possible in the event of a storm warning or flood. This means that they do not incur any costs. If you cancel because of bad weather, we will invoice our costs (see terms and conditions), which will be credited back to you in the same amount for a new appointment.