Why do people convert to Buddhism

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One remains Protestant and becomes a Buddhist. The other converts to Islam. The next one is baptized at 26. Three stories about converting to another religion.

Christianity => Buddhism

Nicole Schürmann, 28, wants to become a Buddhist. She already lives as such and is on her way to ordination, an admission to the order of the Triratna. It usually takes several years to prepare for it.

In everyday life, being a Buddhist means for her that she regularly makes resolutions, for example: No more life. She tries to implement that and lives vegetarian.

"I have become more open, warm-hearted, happier and more satisfied."

No religion => Christianity

Renardo Schlegelmilch, 26, was baptized in Cologne Cathedral last year. Religion played practically no role in his home. Through his work at Domradio he came into contact with the Catholic Church, and he took a liking to it.

Before he was baptized, he had baptism classes. There he also learned that he can choose his church - depending on how openly he wants to live out his faith.

"To important questions like 'Where is the deeper meaning?' and 'Where are we going?' I didn't want to stand there without an answer. "

Christianity => Islam

Iman Andrea Reimann, 41, converted to Islam 20 years ago. She didn't have a crisis of meaning and didn't ask herself any big questions about the world. But: a relative was dying. And Christianity did not give her enough comfort and support in this phase. In a bookstore she found a book about dying from a Muslim perspective. That impressed her, she says. And she decided to become a Muslim.

Today she follows the rules of Islam, does not drink alcohol and wears a headscarf. She is sure that Islam will remain her religion.

"I found my center in Islam."