Should I take Spanish 3 before AP

10 good reasons to learn Spanish now


5) Due to the high number of Spanish speakers and their importance in the market, More and more foreign companies decide to expand into Spanish-speaking countries. The ability to speak Spanish is becoming more and more important cultural and professional need. So it could be a big plus for your career if you speak Spanish.


6) It makes traveling a lot easier. Wherever you go there is sure to be someone who speaks Spanish. The Spanish language will enrich your travel experiences and adventures.


7) Speaking Spanish opens the doors for you to a rich, beautiful and historically significant culture. You will learn more about the country where famous Spaniards such as Pablo Picasso and Miguel de Cervantes came from.


8) Speaking of culture, if you speak Spanish you will be able to enjoy a different approach to Spanish books, films and arteat. Many of the famous works of art of modernism are by artists of Spanish origin. And although there are numerous translations of the famous book “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes or of popular films by directors like Pedro Almodóvar - the original version always offers the best experience.


9) Your brain will be trained to learn more languages. By mastering the Spanish language, you have an easy start in learning French, Italian and Portuguese, the syntax of which is based on Latin. In addition, studies have shown that studying a foreign language promotes alertness, intelligence and the ability to learn other languages.


10) Because Spanish is just funß makes! Speaking, hearing and understanding Spanish will enrich your life - and that's what we want!


We can even give you another one another, additional and very special reason say why it is good to learn Spanish: Because you can learn it with us :)!


Are you feeling motivated right now but have no idea how to start? Contact us and we will help you make your Spanish experience!


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